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This time USA e-commerce giant Amazon has publicly announced the amount of their profit. Due to the devastating effects of covid-19, online shopping is on the rise in a very short time. As a result, the revenue of this technology giant has increased tremendously. In the first three months of this year, Amazon USA’s revenue was 108.5 billion dollars. At the same time last year, it was 75 billion. According to the statistics, the profit in three months has been 8.1 billion dollars, exactly the same time last year which was two and a half billion dollars. Amazon USA has made almost three times more profit from this side.

Analysts say that even though people have lost their way due to the epidemic, the technology companies are going through a successful business situation.

Secret of success

In addition to the increase in online shopping, there is another secret behind this huge profit of Amazon USA. The company’s new streaming service Prime Video and AWS have played a huge role in this success. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said he is proud of the new service in the Amazon family. Amazon launched Prime Video about 10 years ago. Last year, about 170 million people watched movies and shows on Prime Video. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was launched 15 years ago. The annual sale in this sector is about 54 billion dollars.

Amazon USA new idea

The people of this world always want innovation. It is natural that new creations, new initiatives, new ideas are constantly advancing on the world stage. The key to the success of the e-Commerce Giant is to innovate and apply it successfully in product marketing. Amazon USA has reached this stage today with the help of new inventors like Jeff Bezos. It is expected that Amazon will come up with some new ideas in the future.

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