Bangladesh in crisis: Economic politics

Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country surrounded by India and Myanmar. Many internal affairs of this country depend on the politics of neighboring countries. Like the long border fence with Bangladesh, India’s political influence is playing a huge role over Bangladesh. On the other hand, the civil war in Myanmar is creating adverse reactions in the internal politics of Bangladesh. Just like the bad situation prevailing in Bangladesh for the displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar, India’s naked interference in the politics of Bangladesh is considered to be hindering the proper development of democracy in Bangladesh.

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Blatant Interference of Indian Politicians

It has emerged in the world media that a dictatorial system is in the process of being established in Bangladesh through the blatant interference of Indian politicians in the last few national elections of Bangladesh. India is establishing its hegemony in Bangladesh by expanding its influence over the politics of Bangladesh. On the other hand, India has put Bangladesh’s economic system in danger through unbalanced trade transactions.

Bangladesh Facing Threats

India has always tried to suppress the territory of Bangladesh in the interest of protecting its sovereignty, but this is considered as a loss of sovereignty of Bangladesh. As India does not respect the sovereignty of Bangladesh and due to the internal conflict in Myanmar, Bangladesh is facing its greatest threat. On one side, there is a war situation on the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh, on the other hand, Indian soldiers BSF came to the border of Bangladesh and shot unarmed Bangladeshis and killed them like birds. Trouble is, the current government of Bangladesh, which was illegally elected at the crossroads of democracy, is not doing anything to protest against India or Myanmar. The world media is specifically talking about the presence of dictatorial ruler at the crossroads of democracy in Bangladesh elections in 2024.

Bangladesh in Economic Crisis

By reviewing the international media, it is understood that the economic system of Bangladesh is in crisis and to overcome this crisis, Bangladesh government is resorting to China, India and Russia and trying to overcome the economic crisis with help from them. But the economic statistics show that the efforts that the mentioned countries are trying to show to save Bangladesh from the economic crisis are not playing an effective role in dealing with the economic crisis of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, a dummy government elected through dummy elections is unable to play the role required to overcome the economic crisis and is considered unlikely to withstand international pressures. Despite the economic crisis, the government of Bangladesh has set a precedent and seems to be ignoring pressure from the European Union and various international organizations.


I can say that it is not possible to highlight all the sensitive issues in this blog about Bangladesh. But I can say that Bangladesh can move forward by avoiding many sensitive issues in overcoming the crisis. To avoid sensitive issues, I think the government of Bangladesh should read the language of people’s minds and the current rulers should act according to that language.

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