My word in politics of Bangladesh

Considering the current political context of Bangladesh, it can be understood that the police democracy system has prevailed here through the special intelligence of some special people.

Police Democracy in Bangladesh

Police democracy here is meant to govern the people through the police and to favor a certain class while depriving the majority of the people. In a police democracy the police are acting as a tool of a particular political group.

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A police democracy prevails in a country in an essentially autocratic atmosphere. According to the commentary of the opposition parties in Bangladesh, the current government is establishing an autocratic regime with the help of the police.

Al Jazeera’s investigation report and current situations of Bangladesh

From Al Jazeera’s report titled All the Prime Minister’s Men, it is clear that every institute in Bangladesh is run by one person. From the investigation report it is evident that the autocratic system has been firmly established in the democratic atmosphere in Bangladesh. Analyzing the data of the past few years, it appears that the police is playing a major role in developing the authoritarian system of Bangladesh.

It is clear from the national election of Bangladesh on 7 January 2024 that a system similar to the electoral system of North Korea has been implemented here. This electoral system is believed to have played a significant role in opening up autocratic regimes.

Last Word

It is feared that if the elected government forms the government through this autocratic system ignoring the international pressure, it will lead to the destruction of the democratic system of Bangladesh.

In order to maintain the democratic process, the Bangladesh government and the opposition parties must create an alternative system or an alternative road.

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