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Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. Everywhere you look in Bangladesh is green. There are a lot of tour spots in this country, which are the center point of attraction for tourists from different countries. Sylhet is a division of Bangladesh that is famous for its tea gardens. Today’s blog I’ve focused of Sylhet tourist attraction of Bangladesh.

Sylhet Tour, Bangladesh

Sylhet is a historical religious place with immense potential for tourism. Apart from the captivating environment of the tea garden, various historical sites, shrines have taken Sylhet to another height.

Top Tourist Attraction Bangladesh- The tea capital of Bangladesh is Srimangal which is 450 km long. Absolutely amazing of many tea gardens here attracts tourists. After a mile-wide tea garden, it feels as if the green carpet is on the slopes of the hill. The country’s most advanced tea is produced here.

Sylhet has been playing an important role in the economic growth of the country through teas produced from tea gardens. This tea is exported abroad. Bangladesh earns a huge amount of foreign currency. Surma Basin (all the surrounding areas of Sylhet) is covered in tea gardens and this is why tea is one of the national assets of Bangladesh.

Tea Gardens, Sylhet

Among the 163 tea gardens located in different places of Bangladesh, there are three largest tea gardens, which describe the amount of tea production. In these 163 tea gardens, almost three lakh workers work every day, out of which 75% are female workers and 25% are male workers. Women and indigenous workers in tea gardens have more reasons than women because they are better than men.

A trip to the tea garden in Sylhet is a memorable one for anyone. These tea gardens carry memories of the rule of the English kings. The English started tea cultivation here and as of that time, the tea garden managers still live in white-colored buildings in the woods. Bengalis work to decorate the tea gardens very nicely. The life of the tea garden is also very much like the British period.

Srimangal Tea Garden is located in Srimangal Upazila of Moulvibazar district. Without going to Sylhet, you can go straight to bus or train at Srimangal, 190 kilometers away from Dhaka.

Top Tourist Attraction Bangladesh- Shah Jalal Mazar

Dargah of Shah Jalal, an idealistic establishment in the city of Sylhet, which basically came to Bangladesh in 1303 AD and the last tomb of Islam’s Islamist missionary Shah Jalal. This tomb dargah is stayed on a hill near the north end of Sylhet city.

According to some different opinion, the Muslim civilization and creed of Sylhet land have spread through this dargah sharif. It is known that the area is linked with the prestige and unearthly memories of Shah Jalal, one of the holy pilgrims in Sylhet. According to the historian Achutcharan Chaudhary, the Muslim plane and tradition has been spread in places like Dhaka, Mymensingh, Tripura, Comilla and Assam, by the followers of Shah Jalal, sent from this dargah sharif. Thousands of people come here every year on the instance of yearly uras (local pronunciation: urus) from several regions of Bangladesh and India and offer devotion and gratitude to the creator of Shah Jalal (Asila/Aulia).

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