Best Tourist Attraction Bangladesh-Cox’s Bazar

Best Tourist Attraction Bangladesh- Chittagong Division is called the paradise of travel places in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar beach in Chittagong is an extraordinary beauty beyond the beauty like Khulna Sundarbans, Barisal Kuakata, Sylhet Tea Garden. Cox’s Bazar is a wanderer city residing in southeastern Bangladesh. It’s a district of Chittagong division. Cox’s Bazar is well known area for its amazing beauty. Here is the longest endless natural sandy beach in the world, which prolongs up to 155 kilometers (96 miles) from Cox’s Bazar to Badarmokam. Here are the largest marine fishing port of Bangladesh and situated the submarine cable landing station. Cox’s Bazar was also known as Panowa, which verbally means yellow flowers. Another primitive name is Palanki.

Bangladesh Best Tourist Attraction

Tree rows, soft bed of sand, huge sea in front and fully wonderful scenario of Cox’s Bazar will satisfy you. If you go to Cox’s Bazar, you should have a plan to go to the beach in the morning and afternoon. Cox’s Bazar is an amazing sea beach of blue water and thunder. The best sea beach in the world is Cox’s Bazar. This report is for those who want to visit with their families.

Cox’s Bazar Residential System

Best Tourist Attraction Bangladesh- Cox’s Bazar, the largest travel spot of Bangladesh. The world’s largest and most spectacular, amazing beach, Cox’s Bazar has a number of hotels, motels and resorts. Besides many small and large resorts, hotels and boarding houses have been developed in government and private management there. You can stay Cox’s Bazar by used for a minimum of BDT300 to BDT10000 or more. But before going to Cox’s Bazar, contact any hotel to making the journey, it is better to ensure the accommodation. Hire the room to talk directly and go live.

Alerts and other information before going to the beach

Before you get to the sea beach, you should to know the time of tide. There are several flags in the respective life guards at different places in the beach. It is out of danger to go down in the sea during tide. During this time the tide is indicated, while the green flag is shown. If the red flag is written during the time of the beach area, then avoid going down in the sea. Do not go away without safety. Get help from the life guard engaged in the safety of tourists. Tell them to go to the beach.

Beach Photography

In Cox’s Bazar, about 200 beach photographers have taken photographs of tourists on the beach. Within few hours, there is readiness to print pictures and reach the tourists. Every beach photographers has an ID card. Some registered studios are engaged to this work.  Before taking photographs from beach photographers, it is good to see their ID card.

Speedboat at Cox’s Bazar sea beach

There are several speedboats on the sea beach. They moved from main beach to Labani point. Rent one round BDT100…open speedboat, the lifeboat rises at BDT250 per person. It is good to know price before get a boat.

Himchari and Inani Beach Tours | Best Tourist Attraction Bangladesh

There are two wonderful tourist spots within 12 to 22 kilometers of Cox’s Bazar. One is Himchari and the other is Inani Beach. It is just 22 kilometers away from the sea, one of the most attractive sea beaches Inani Sea Beach. And on the way to this beach, only 12 kilometers will be available, another tourist destination Himchari. There are two places in this area that can be used to ride the jeep. You can go to Jeep from Cox’s Bazar here. You can go there with reserve or local jeep. It will cost you one thousand to two thousand BDT.

Happy Journey!!!

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