Benefits of Black Tea on skin, kidney, heart, etc

Benefits of Black Tea- A little bit of bitter taste tea without sugar is known as medicinal tea. If you drink this tea when you’re empty gut, it can lead to vomiting. After drinking this tea, nothing can be eaten for 10 minutes.

Rules for making medicinal black tea

Benefits of Black Tea- Take 1 teaspoon pure tea leaves in 1 cup water and after heating make half a cup of hot mixed black tea…and add more half cup hot water with this black tea. Without sugar and milk, medicinal black tea became a mixture.

Applying black tea to various diseases:

1. For those who are suffering from kidney related complications, one cup each morning.

2. Bacteria: When eating 1 cup black tea in an empty stomach in the morning, the harmful bacteria inside the mouth are destroyed and the mouth remains alive.

3. Diarrhea: If you drink black tea once a day, the frequent discharge will be stopped.

4. Pneumonia: If you drink black tea three times a day, its precipitance is greatly reduced.

Benefits of Black Tea on skin

5. Infections of the skin: If you drink twice a day on black tea, it will decrease within 2/3 days.

6. Black tea cure if there is digestion problem.

7. If you have problems with prostate or urinary problems, drinking black tea three times a day, the problem is solved. Protein should be avoided when taking this treatment. Have to eat light food and drink 8-10 glasses a day.

8. Black tea can be effective for reducing growth breast cancer. In these cases, drinking black tea regularly will be given four times a day. It’ll help.

9. Keep heart good: Black tea keeps the heart well. If the patient is suffering from heart diseases drinking black tea three times a day, and the time of death can be delayed by feeding the light and easy meal.

10. Calcium in the blood: Regular black tea drink can help maintain calcium balance in the blood and prevent dentistry.

11. Cholesterol: Cholesterol levels can never increase in blood of black tea drinkers. If there is a rise in previous reasons, then regular black tea will decrease the level.

12. Disease prevention: Black tea increases the immunity power of human body instantly.

13. If the flu is made up then take black tea water daily three times. Flu germs will die soon.

14. High blood pressure: If blood pressure is high, drinking black tea thrice a day and eliminating salt from food, blood pressure will become normal in one day and no medicines will be needed…must stay away from protein food for a few days.

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