places to travel in Sylhet Bangladesh

places to travel to Sylhet amazing tour destination of Bangladesh

The earliest image that comes to mind when it comes to Sylhet is tea garden. Because of the good communication system of Sylhet there have been visited numerous tourists from across the country and from across the world. On the way to Sylhet, you will be welcomed by tea garden sylhet. There are also some residential hotels in your needs. There are lots of residential hotels around Sylhet bus stand, Amberkhana, Zinda Bazar and Mazar Road. In which you could spend the night as your needs.


When we started traveling, we had a group of four people. All of whom start our journey from Dhaka to night and get down in front of the gate of Amberkhana Mazar, Sylhet. From Dhaka to Sylhet bus fares ranging from BDT 450 to BDT 500. In fact, the train journey can be actually within BDT 300. Personally I love traveling on trains more than buses. Costs are low and there is a comfortable walkway system in train. We boarded a hotel after our journey. Every room is BDT 1500 daily. If you want you can be less or more expensive.

We went to the room and took a little rest and started journey in Sylhet at 7 am. We got a breakfast at five brother’s hotel of Zindabazar in Sylhet. Here the quality of food is good, prices are low. I do not think that much better food can be eaten anywhere in Bangladesh. By eating chicken hodgepodge in the morning, we went out to Jaflong, Mayawi Jharna, Lalakhal. As we have a plan to see more places in less time, so we rented the car. The car has been reserved for the entire day at Tk 2500. Within two and a half hours we were gone to Jaflong Market.

Songrampunji indigenous village of Sylhet wonderful place!


I was disappointed to see Jaflong. There is a far difference between previous Jaflong and the current Japhlong. Lost in the previous beauty has now faded. Due to the extraction of stones, Jaflong’s water has lost transparency. But you will be impressed if you look at Jaflong zero point. You’ll see the Indian border and Dawki Bridge, and then your travel fatigue will be overcome. For a while, we left for Jaflong for the purpose of Songrampunji. After passing the ferry by BDT 10, we walked 15 minutes to go to the Songrampunji Waterfall. Locals know it as a Mayawi Jhorna “waterfalls”. As far as I know, there is a crowd of people around the year. Due to the ease of transport, it is possible that many people visit this amazing fountain. If you do not take a bath in this clear water fountain then it will be sin. LOL!

At the end of the bath we came back to the Songrampunji village area. If you want, you can go by auto car. Rent per person BDT 20. This village has very rare plain tea gardens in Sylhet. For being an indigenous village, you will be fascinated by many things.

Places to travel in Saraighat-Lalakhal in Sylhet


From Jaflong Songrampunji, we reached Saraighat for Lalakhal. From here it is necessary to hire a boat to travel to Lalakhal. We hired an engine-driven boat for an hour-long only BDT 800 for traveling in Lalakhal. On the boat, we reached the zero point once with fully amusement and by singing. If you have time in hand, then you can visit the AGUN PAHAR “fire mountain”. Basically here huge amount of gases have stored in the foothills of this mountain. It astonishes here that if you set fire on a small hole, and then there is a fire in the holes. The matter will create a sense of passion within you. After returning from there we eat food, another famous meal in Sylhet is at the Hotel Pansi Restaurant. It is also famous as like “five brother’s hotel” and cheap too. Here are a few types of delicious food available.

RATARGUL-BICHANAKANDI-AGUN PAHAR in sylhet natural wonders of the world

In the next morning, we left for the Ratargul and Bichanakandi and to the fire mountain. Bichanakandi is a trend to visit now. There are thousands of people coming every day. The place is really very beautiful. Clouds, stones, rivers, screwed panoramas,etc. what not there!


If you have a journey in Ratargul you will find boats to visit. BDT 800 to BDT 1000 it will cost for these boats. After moving the aquatic trees of Hijal, Karoch and others, small boats will go to the watch tower. Watch Tower provides a 360 degree view of the beautiful Ratargul sky. Looking at the green space around the place, it looks like you are watching a program in Discovery. What a lovely moment. After Ratargul visiting, we visited Bichanakandi, another amazing place in Sylhet. Bichanakandi can impress you. This transparent water coming through a large rock ball will take you back to one childhood moment.

The next morning we saw everything around Sylhet City. Shahjalal, Shah Paran mazar, around the Sylhet International Stadium, Lakkatura tea garden these places turn around. However, the Sylhet stadium is in front of the airport.

Do not forget to drink tea in Sylhet. Thanks.

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