Pickled mango recipe

Delicious mango pickled recipe- Mango is a kind of delicious fruit of the Indian subcontinent. Raw color is green and matured color is mainly yellow and reddish. Mango is known as National Fruit of India.

Mango is on top of the list of the most favorite fruits of the people of Bangladesh. Either raw mango or matured mango, mangoes are used in the preparation of different types of delicious pickles, cereals which have long been known to people as a traditional delicious meal of Bengal. In the Bengali month, Famous poet Rabindranath Tagore found absolutely mind refreshing or inebriate scent of the mango forest in Fagun month (Falgun or Fagun is month name of Bangladesh). In the national anthem of Bangladesh, mango, the taste of tune has spread to different levels.

Delicious mango pickled recipe

If you want to make mango pickles, you have to take mature raw mango, which is hardened. It is best if it is scaly; basically the fissured raw mango is the best for morobba (a delicious mango cereals or pickles).

It is very easy to make mango delicious dish in the house

You can make nutritional, delicious mango morobba (mango pickles) at home very easily. For this, you have to do some simple tasks gradually. Let’s show you the tactics of making mango pickles today.

Ingredients: Raw mango, sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, salt (quantity as you like best), 1 teaspoon of FITKIRI, water (one type of minerals).


Wash mango thoroughly. Mango should be redeemed. Then, by removing the two pieces or four pieces in the middle, it will be well worn with the thorn spoon. If all the mangoes are properly ready, then first to be drowned in the water. After three hours you will have to leave old water and then put it in fresh water. Then keep mangoes in the FITKIRI water for 2-3 hours, after that put it in clean water and thus change the water several times. After pressing the mango pieces, water will be changed repeatedly by water dropping. Thus, the whole day should be dissolved so that there is no water. Then take mango pieces from the water and keep out from the water and dry it in the air.

Then, after sugar mixing with your taste, keep the heat on the stove and keep it warm, sugar will be melted, and mix cinnamon, cloves and Tejpata (One kind of leaves).  Now, when Sira is a little thicker, you have to leave mango pieces on it. Give a little salt and heat by 5/6 minutes. The next day again heat on it for 5/6 minutes and shuffle the mango. Be careful not to burn too much time; then it can melt. After three days of burning like this, sugar will come tough in the mango pieces. After cooling, keep the jam filled with sunlight. Two or three days will be ready in the sun, the fun mango morobba.

The mango morobba or marmalade produced by this process is good for long days. You can enjoy without any type of preservative.

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