best street foods of India

Best street foods of India- Everyone likes to eat outside the house. The only street foods match a little different taste from monotonous home food. The list is available in JHALMURI, JILAPI, Lassy, Tikiya, Roll, Chowmein, Moglai, Fuchka, Potato Tikki, Velpuri, Butter-Chicken, Kebab, etc. India is famous for its street food. This feature makes India distinct from other countries. It is one of the exceptional features of India. The foreigners who feel love India it’s only for good food. Although they are much more health conscious than Indians, many of them do not eat spicy food on the street.

But the importance of these foods to Indians is very much. Indians are very versatile about food. Why not? Here are available all delicious meals. Here I have discussed some special meals are available to look for.

Amazing street food India

Lassi: Among the other street foods in India, Lassi is one of the favorite drinks. Different types of drinks are available in different places of India. From the time of the summer, the sale of the Lassi started then it continued until big festivals “PUJA”. In the summer, this drink fills everyone’s mind. Among the other drinks, Lassi is the most famous of the North of India. By mango, pineapple, yogurt etc. Lassi can be made. It is very healthy to eat. If you mix turmeric powder in the juice, then digestion will not be the problem.

Amriti sweet: Amriti is basically sweet food. Many people are crazy to say Amriti. Amriti is very popular in sweets. At the end of any meal, it can be eaten as a dessert. This sweet dish is famous in India’s north Kolkata in West Bengal.

Kulfi: A hot holiday means waiting for the kulfi maker (KULFIWALA). This kulfi was going to take the childhood summer vacation to a different level. But now kulfi is eaten as a dessert. It’s favorite food on the street for its delicious taste. Mango flavor can be found now at the restaurant.

Butter Chicken and Kebab street food India

If you eat salty snacks after getting out of the street, then you can choose to eat the restaurant’s Butter Chicken and Kebab. Surely you will fill the tongue with satisfaction. In almost every state of India, there are some heavy foods that are good in mind. CHEESE TIKIA, Barbecue, NAAN, which will make your mind feel good.

Potato Tikki: Potato Tikki is a special name among street foods in India. This is not famous in his name, famous by his own qualities. This item is made by boiled potato, sour yogurt, spices, onions, etc. This special snack is popular in almost every state of India.

Velpuri: CHAAT means velpuri. There is no one who came out in the street but did not eat VELPURI. The food is popular in the whole country. These flavor Velpuri is made by potato, sour yogurt, onion, tomatoes, tamarind water, etc.

Enjoy these foods. Then do Diet’s thoughts and plan your next food chart.

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