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Everyone likes to travel…Whether it is a country or a foreign. The joy of traveling is different. So whenever the opportunity comes, the mind becomes restless and travels somewhere. Although many time our neighboring country, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Delhi, Punjab, I have traveled many sights from one end to another, but my long-awaited desire to enjoy the beauty of the Marina beach of Chennai. A few days ago I decided to go to a hospital in Vellore to see a doctor for the treatment of my wife. For that purpose, my Mrs. and I reached Calcutta on a scheduled date.

Those who went to India may know that getting a train ticket in time is a big opportunity. The Kolkata-Chennai train line is 1,750 kilometers. Two or three months before the ticket are over. But some tickets are without 24 hours before the journey. When the ticket is not available in the counter, the transport agents sell it. Considering the financial condition of passengers, all the passengers of the affluent and poor there are travelable affordable tickets.

There are 2 thousand 900 rupees AC tickets for the rich people; similarly, reservation tickets are available only with Rs 420. A reservation means sleeping seats. The Indian government has at least thought about the pockets of people. But the journey is quite comfortable on the train. We did not have any problem with the ticket, because without a hassle, a friend had already cut the ticket and traveled to Howrah railway station from Kolkata to Vellore.

Travel to India’s famous beaches-Marina beach

India is big country. What not there! The mountains, the desert, the fountain, etc…The speed train is going on the way restlessly. Sometimes stand on the station like a breath taking. Sometimes, on the huge river, sometimes by stone hills, sometimes in the grain-and-green field, the lives are gone through the path. After passing the big mountains and desert, we reached Vellore’s Katpadi railway station in time. First of all,

we fix the residential hotel next to the scheduled hospital. For a while, we went to bed for taking a rest. It takes about 32 hours to reach Vellore from Kolkata. It took a while for my wife to take treatment. Though it was hard to go out for me to visit somewhere. There was some time before coming back to the country. Due to several days in the residential hotel, there were some people who have a friendly relationship with us. Among them, two youths named Abir and Robin came from Calcutta for treatment. One day they said, brother! Let’s all come back from Marina Beach.

Meanwhile, as we were taking time to visit Chennai, we all decided to travel to Chennai from Vellore’s Katpadi. Within two hours we reached Chennai’s biggest railway station of Chennai Central. From the station by Taxicab with 20-25 minutes, we reached Marina Beach. There is thousands of travelers face on festival mode like us. In fact, there are many people who cannot think of anything except the sea travel.

Marina Beach

The sea means different pleasures for them. Seeing the magnificence of Marina Beach, all the sea beach travelers are impressed. Mariana Beach is awakening in the Indian Ocean with its cold feathers. On the map, Chennai city is located on the Indian Ocean’s hilly south of the subcontinent. Marina Beach is located on one side of the city. Looking north from the beach, I seem Chittagong Port is seen. The glittery sea coast looks beautiful on the shores. Seeing the waves of the sea, I could not stop myself, I fell down into it.

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and Chennai is the fourth largest metropolitan city in the country. This city is a great center for art and commerce and cultural heritage and temple architecture. Chennai’s old name is Madras. In August 1996, the name of the city was changed from Madras to Chennai, because the word Madras was considered to be a Portuguese word. Whatever the history, we have spent quite a good time in various places in Chennai. The ocean waves are enjoyable.

The natural beauty of Chennai will definitely make you anxious free. We came back to Vellore after seeing some other tourist attractions in Chennai.

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Air travel to Chennai

Chennai International Airport is used for both domestic and international air travel. It is directly connected with the flights of thirty national and international airlines of South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. This airport is the second busiest freight terminal in India.

Rail communication of Chennai

There are two main railway terminals in the city. The Chennai Central Station, the city’s largest railway station, trains for all major cities and cities in India and another railway station Chennai Egmore, the interim destination of Tamilnadu. Basically the bus and train are the popular transport medium of the city.

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