Corona originated in Bangladesh-India: scientists claim

Corona originated in Bangladesh-India!!! A section of Chinese scientists are claiming that coronavirus has been transmitted to humans from the first people in Bangladesh and India. The probable time of infection is between July and August last year. Claiming the use of coronavirus gene analysis data, three Chinese scientists say the first infection did not occur in Wuhan, China.

The influential public health and medical journal Lancet is preparing to publish research articles by Chinese scientists. This article has already been published on the Lancet’s pre-publication online platform. Citing the article, the British newspaper The Sun said on Friday that they were now trying to blame Bangladesh or India. Read- New coronavirus found: 10 times more dangerous

WHO officially released Coronavirus infection data

Coronavirus infection began last year in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. On December 31 last year, the World Health Organization’s China office officially released data on the new virus. Initially, the virus spread to neighboring China. At one stage it spread all over the world in the form of epidemic. The announcement of the first patient identification in Bangladesh came on March 8.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has said that the claims of Chinese scientists are completely speculative. Mike Ryan, the executive director, said in a virtual briefing on Friday that “it would be very conceivable for us to say that the coronavirus did not originate in China.”

Chinese scientists claim

Corona originated in Bangladesh-India!!! Chinese scientists say the strain or type that has undergone the least mutations is the first gene in the coronavirus, or the original virus. Low-mutation coronavirus genes have been found in Bangladesh, the United States, Greece, Australia, India, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Russia. The lowest conversions took place in India and Bangladesh. These two countries also have low virus conversion capacity.

Chinese scientists, however, say there are still many mysteries about the coronavirus. The origin of the virus cannot be ascertained without knowing which animal carries it in nature.

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