Donald Trump emergency announcement in the United States on cyber security

US President Donald Trump announced the state of emergency to protect US computer network from ‘foreign opponents’. Today’s information was found in a BBC report on Thursday16/05/2019. Donald Trump has signed an... Read more »

SEO meaning in digital marketing

I started by saluting everyone for today’s blog. We can search for any information on search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Then search engines give us the desired results. We... Read more »

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The Little Mermaid Denmark

The peace of Denmark

The mystery of the peace of Denmark Denmark has made its place among the world’s top three “Joyful Countries” in the list of World Happiness Resorts in 2018. The country has received... Read more »

Amazon Satellites in space for the internet deprived people worldwide

3,000 satellites in space for the internet deprived people worldwide In order to provide fast broadband internet services to the deprived population of the world, online-based trading firm Amazon has planned to... Read more »

punishment against cybercrime

Posting scandalous or confusing things, uploading pictures or videos, posting confusing posts by opening someone’s named account, giving a status or sharing or liking may also cause cyber crime. There is no... Read more »

Good news for diabetic patients

Diabetes is a familiar disease. Diabetes has been spread as like worldwide epidemic. There are many other types of problems found in the body after diabetes. So it’s better to control diabetes... Read more »

New human species have been found

There is found a new species as like Homo sapiens in Philippines cave named Homo luzonensis species. Scientists have claimed that new human species have been found. They said they found a... Read more »

Katie Bouman Captured the Black Hole Image

For the first time, scientists have been able to take pictures of black holes. But most of the photos of black-holes photographs are contributed by her name Katherine Louise Bouman . The... Read more »

New surprise in Russia’s sky Tu-160M2 Supersonic

Russia has on the biggest upgrade of the world’s largest supersonic especial bomber, the Tupolev Tu-160M2 “White Swan” NATO mentioned “Blackjack”. Country: Russia Outside: Blackjack First Buyer: Russian Air Force Construction Organization:... Read more »

Most Powerful Military forces in the World

Statistical report about four powerful military forces According to the order of the military power in some countries 1. The United States Number of troops: 1.4 million; The capacity of the Navy... Read more »