Infection rise in Japan, Prime Minister losing support

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has begun to lose public support for failing to show much success in dealing with the coronavirus and taking controversial action. He has faced this situation three months after taking charge. In the early days of the cabinet, more than 60 percent of the people supported him.

A survey conducted by the Japanese news agency Kyodo News earlier this month found that support for Prime Minister Sugar had dropped below 50 percent. It is not possible to say that the support rate has plummeted, but it does not reflect much confidence in him. However, two more surveys conducted since then have begun to look like a warning to him. As a result, he has started to move away from some previous decisions.

According to a December 14 poll by Japan’s citizen broadcaster NHK, the new prime minister lost 14 percent of his support in one month. The support rate has now dropped to 42 percent. Two days earlier, support for the Suga’s Cabinet had fallen by 17 percent to 40 percent in a survey by the Mainichi Shimbun As a result, the Prime Minister is a little worried. The implication of this concern is evident in the hasty steps taken to cancel a controversial travel program.

Japan GOVT program “Go to Travel”

In Japan, from the end of the year to the beginning of the New Year, many people travel in and out of the country during the continuous holidays. The government recently launched the ‘Go to Travel’ program to help the country’s tourism sector, which is facing a severe crisis due to the coronavirus. The government has been bearing 50 percent of the travel expenses under this program. In addition, the government has given the same concessions to encourage people to go out and eat to boost the restaurant business.

However, in the face of the spread of coronavirus infection in Japan, experts have criticized of the program from the beginning, reminding policymakers of its dangerous side. Nevertheless, the government continues on that controversial path. Health experts now say the reason for the sudden rise in infections in the country is people taking advantage of low-cost travel as well as eating out at half the cost.

The largest area of corona infection in Japan is the capital Tokyo. The city has seen a steady increase in new infections over the past few weeks. The number of new infections in the capital rose to 822 last Thursday. The previous day’s record was 678 infections. The spread of the infection has not stopped in other major cities as well. As a result, the government has already announced the suspension of the ‘Go to Travel’ program.

Japan GOVT “Go to Travel” program suspended

Infection rise in Japan- Prime Minister Suga said in a statement on Tuesday that the “Go to Travel” program would be suspended from December 28 to January 11. He advised people to spend their time alone at home. However, many see this as a late decision and question the effectiveness of this decision in preventing new virus infections. According to them, Corona has now spread across the country as people have flocked around for the opportunity to travel cheaply in the last few weeks and the only option to pull this mad horse of infection is to arrange a quick tick.

Infection in Japan

Although Japan pays in advance for the vaccine, they are monitoring the results of the vaccination program that has already begun in the West. Japan will not bring the vaccine without being absolutely sure. As a result, Japan seems to be leaving itself to its fate. On the one hand, the crisis in the economy, on the other hand, the gradual increase in the transmission of corona. There is confusion in Japan Govt.

Japan Prime Minister losing support by his controversial work

Meanwhile, despite advising the people to avoid eating and drinking outside as much as possible, the Prime Minister himself has been criticized for not following it. According to local media reports, he attended a large dinner with the stars on the evening of December 14, just after the announcement to suspend the ‘Go to Travel’ program. Toshihiro Nikai, secretary general of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) was also present at the event. And the team of stars included some prominent people from the world of sports and film. The prime minister spent about 45 minutes at the banquet at a restaurant in Tokyo’s expensive Ginza area.

Suga is facing widespread criticism after the news. The opposition has demanded an explanation from the Prime Minister. Some quarters say he should apologize for such reckless behavior. Suga, however, told reporters that he would take the matter seriously from now on.

It is speculated that the latest incident may further erode Prime Minister Sugar’s public support and move away from the position he had earlier hinted at calling early elections by breaking the lower house of parliament ahead of schedule.

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