India China border tension

India China border tension- Beijing has created a situation of conflict with India in various places along the Line of Control. The coronavirus epidemic has had a huge impact on the security of the country. In this situation, Chinese President Xi Jinping has instructed to intensify the training of the country’s armed forces. At the same time, the Chinese head of state instructed to be ready for war.

“Get ready for war,” the Chinese president told the military‚Ķ

The country’s state-run media quoted Jinping as saying it was important to “strengthen military training”, “firmly protect sovereignty” and “maintain the country’s strategic balance as a whole.”

The border dispute with India has renewed tensions

However, the Chinese head of state did not specify which country he wanted to send a message to. In the current situation, China’s relations with several countries, including India, are fluctuating. The border dispute with India has renewed tensions. Beijing has been in a state of conflict with India in various places along the 3,488-kilometer-long Line of Actual Control, including Ladakh. Both sides have reportedly deployed additional troops along the border.

India China border tension

Besides, China’s pressure with the United States is increasing. Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat, sharply criticized Washington for “blaming Beijing” and “spreading rumors” about Coronavirus. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

China crisis inside

There is also talk of various military measures inside China, including with Taiwan and Hong Kong. Taiwan’s reunification has been demanded. Local politicians and diplomats have called for a forced reunification if necessary. Speculation has also been rife over the enactment of new and controversial security laws in Hong Kong’s special administrative region.

Chinese president war announcement

Chinese president talks for next war. The Chinese president said the success of military reform was evident in Beijing’s performance in dealing with Corona. In this situation, despite the epidemic, Jinping instructed the armed forces to find new ways to train for next war.

During the annual session of the National People’s Congress (NPC), representatives of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the People’s Armed Police Force (PAPF) met side by side with the influential Central Military Commission (CMC). It is necessary to be prepared for military ‘hardship’ in the ‘interest’ to greatly improve the capabilities of the military in order to conduct operations.

According to Chinese state media

According to Chinese state media, Jinping wanted to say that ‘the difficulty of preventing and controlling this epidemic is a real test in terms of national defense and military reform. Which highlights the effectiveness of the reforms and at the same time highlights the new need for reforms.

Could China-India border dispute trigger a military conflict?

An epidemic war broke out in India and around the world that erupted in China, with the Chinese launching a new battlefield with troops and weapons on India’s rival border with Tibet. In several disputed areas along the Line of Actual Control of East and Ladakh, Indian and Chinese troops were engaged in a blink of an eye. Chinese troops have violated the Indian border in Ladakh and planned violent clashes in Sikkim. The key question is – why now? What message does China want to send World? Despite the confidence-building efforts and summits between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, what has inspired the Chinese to further provoke aggression? India China border is now a danger zone than Coronavirus epidemic. Now the world leaders eye on it.

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