Apple self-driving cars upcoming technology

Apple, a US technology product maker, will build self-driving cars by 2024. Apple has made significant progress in developing the software needed to make driverless cars.

In 2019, 200 workers were added to the project by removing it from Project Titan to create the software. Rumors have been circulating since 2015 that Apple is building its own car. But in 2016, the project was significantly reduced.

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Apple self-driving cars Tech

Instead of building a whole car, Apple is only building self-driving car technology – such information comes to the fore. As a result, the idea was that Apple would sell licenses to other companies. One person involved in the project said that if a company in the world has the necessary resources to do this job, it is probably Apple. But at the same time understand, it is not a cell phone.

The car supply chain is not easy, especially for companies like Apple. Even then the company had to finish developing an automated driving system that would be attached to the partner company’s car. Now when it’s not sure, Apple brand cars will come or just the system will have the Apple logo.

Apple is also working on a new battery technology called Nanocell, which will provide power to the car. The battery will take up less space and will require a combination of different chemicals.

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