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23-2-21 | I want real change, Modi’s Bengali slogan

Blog News today- The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has said that the people of Bengal are determined to make a difference in the forthcoming Assembly elections. Not only the change of governance, this time there will be an overall change in Bengal, a real change. And Modi will be the forerunner of that change. As a result, BJP rule will come to Bengal. BJP will bring back the past tradition of Bengal, the culture of Bengal.

Modi made the remarks at a public meeting at the Dunlop factory ground in Sahaganj in West Bengal’s Hooghly district on Monday afternoon.

Modi said that although many scholars were born in Bengal, development did not happen due to the government. They have come with obstacles. Instead of developing Bengal, they have worked only to protect the vote bank. This time people have caught it. So this time the people of Bengal are united. This time there will be a change in Bengal. Modi then raised the slogan in Bengali, “No more injustice, this time we want real change.”

Modi’s Bengali slogan

Mentioning that the people of Bengal will not have to go to a different state if the BJP comes to power, Modi said, “Bengal will have employment, industrialization will stop, extortion of mother, land, man-made syndicates, democracy will return, people will smile, rule of law will return.” The past heritage, love, democracy of this Bengali culture will come back again. This Bengal has been pushed back for so long. Development was not allowed to touch. If BJP comes to power, extortion will leave this Bengal. Bengal will be free from extortion. And the BJP will build it. The BJP will build this Bengal as the real golden Bengal.

After addressing a huge public meeting, Modi virtually inaugurated the extended metro rail line from Noapara in Dumdum to Dakshineswar. At the same time he inaugurated three more rail projects.

22-2-2021 | Turkey seeks win-win relationship with US: Erdogan

Blog News today- Turkey is willing to build relations with the Biden administration on the basis of equality. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey wants to pursue a win-win relationship with the United States. He said we may have differences of opinion; but I believe that Turkey’s common interest with the United States is more than that.

A video of Erdogan’s remarks has been posted on his Twitter page. It also says that the Erdogan administration wants equality with the Biden administration. News Middle East Eye.

Tensions between the two NATO allies have been simmering for several years. In the meantime, Erdogan extended his hand of friendship. He said Turkey wants to maintain the partnership of strategic relations between the two countries.

Turkey-US relation

The United States has imposed sanctions on Turkey over its purchase of S-400 defense equipment from Russia in December. But Turkey wants to move beyond that tension and move forward now under US President Joe Biden. At the same time, Erdogan called on Washington to stop supporting the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Unit (YPG) in Syria.

The United States has also protested the detention of Osman Kavala, a Turkish civil society leader, and the crackdown on student protests. Erdogan welcomed the Biden administration, despite a relationship of suspicion and mistrust.

22-2-2021 | Terrorist attack in Congo kills Italian ambassador

Blog News today- An Italian ambassador to Congo and a policeman have been killed in an attack on a UN convoy in Congo. The bomber struck shortly near the eastern city of Kaniyamahoro, the Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The slain ambassador, Luca Attanasio, was traveling in a convoy of UN mission. The ambassador Luca and his bodyguard were killed when terrorists opened fire to them.

Local media have uttered that the attack may have been carried out in a try to abduct him.

It was not immediately clear who was involved in the attack. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

22-2-2021 | Modi’s election campaign in Kolkata

Blog News today- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to arrive in Kolkata on Monday afternoon as part of his campaign for the Assembly elections. He will inaugurate the extended metro rail section of Dakshineswar.

Assembly elections are set to begin in West Bengal next April. Modi is scheduled to campaign in Lakhimpur, Assam. He is scheduled to reach Calcutta in the afternoon. He will then take a helicopter from the airport to the Dunlop factory ground in Sahaganj, Hughli, Chunchura district, West Bengal.

Modi will inaugurate the extended section of Dakshineswar Metrorail from Noapara virtually after a political meeting at the grounds of Sahaganj Dunlop factory.

The journey of the traditional metro rail of Kolkata started from Dumdum station to Tollygunge. The metro rail has been extended from Dumdum to Noapara and from Taliganj to Kabi Subhash station. It has been further extended from Noapara to Dakshineswar.

22-2-2021 | India-China withdrew all troops from Pangong

Blog News today- India and China have withdrawn all troops from Lake Pangong on the disputed Himalayan border. A joint statement from the Indian Defense Forces said. News from the BBC.

All troops were evacuated from the Pangong Tso Lake area last Saturday, the statement said. In June last year, 24 people were killed in clashes between the two countries’ armies in the area. The incident raised tensions between the two countries. Authorities in both countries say they will work to reduce tensions on their territory along the Line of Control (LoC).

On 11 February, China and India announced the withdrawal of their troops from the lake area. The commanders of the two countries met on Saturday to review how the withdrawal process would be handled.

The two sides welcomed the withdrawal of troops deployed in the Pangong Lake area, a statement said on Sunday. The withdrawal of troops is an important step. It would be a positive example in resolving other contentious issues related to LoC’s in the Western sector.

The commanders of India and China held nine-point talks before withdrawing troops. The statement acknowledged that tensions were still high in other parts of the border and that the two sides were trying to continue talks to resolve the issue.

India-China peace talk

The two sides agreed to abide by the important consensus established between their leaders on various issues, the statement said. The leaders agreed to continue communication and dialogue, to maintain stability and control of the situation in their respective territories, and to work for a mutually acceptable solution to other contentious issues through firm and constitutional means to jointly maintain peace and stability in the border areas.

Indian and Chinese troops were stationed on both sides of the border before completely withdrawing troops from the lake area.

After months of tensions, there are growing fears that the continued deployment of troops in Indian-administered Ladakh and Chinese-ruled Aksai Chin could escalate tensions between the two countries.

Incidentally, border disputes between India and China have been going on for decades. The tension escalated into a war in 1962. The border between the two countries is 3,440 km long. However, this part is not specific.

22-2-2021 | Strike in Myanmar in protest of military government’s warning

Blog News today- Police tried to disperse protesters in the capital city of Myanmar Nepido (Naypyidaw). All commercial activities in the country were suspended on Monday in a strike called by protesters in protest of the military coup.

Protesters were warned today on Myanmar’s state-run MRTV. The TV statement said the protesters were inciting teenagers and youths. Walking this way can lead to their loss of life. Protesters then called for a strike in the country. At the same time, they called for mass demonstrations in different streets of the city. They urged everyone to take part in it.

Demonstrations are taking place in the country in protest of the February 1 military coup. So far, three protesters have been killed in police firing. The military government attacked the protesters with water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets. The protests did not stop with the warning and repression of the military government.

Myanmar protester on road

Social media published photos have been seen of police water cannon fire on protesters in the capital Nepido.

In a video clip on Facebook, a woman said, ‘Despite protesting peacefully, they (police) are chasing us. They are detaining us. ‘

Foreign shops like KFC, Food Panda along with local shops were also closed during the strike.

Various countries have condemned the military coup and violence against protesters in Myanmar. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has condemned the military coup in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says 640 protesters have been detained in the country so far.

22-2-2021 | United Airlines decided not to fly 24 flights after the accident

Blog News today- United Airlines has decided not to fly its 24 Boeing 777 in the sky. After flying in the sky last Saturday, the engine of a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 aircraft caught fire and the parts fell on the house. Then United Airlines made that decision. News Reuters and BBC.

Fire and smoke billowed from one of the two engines of a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 aircraft en route from Denver to Hawaii on Saturday. After a while, various parts of the engine started falling down in the houses, roads and parks below. Eventually the plane made an emergency landing. Somehow 241 riders were saved from ‘certain death’.

In response, Japan has asked all international airlines not to fly the Pratt & Whitney 4000-powered Boeing. The plane involved in the accident was also running on this engine. Boeing said it supported Japan’s decision and recommended that all of the engine-powered flights not be flown until an investigation into the crash was completed. The aircraft manufacturer also said that it currently has 69 Boeing 777 aircraft powered by that engine flying around the world.

A preliminary investigation by The National Transportation Safety Board into Saturday’s crash found the engine on the right side of the plane was badly damaged. However, the main structure of the aircraft was not damaged.

22-2-2021 | Trump wanted Kim Jong-un to get home by plane

Blog News today- Former United States President Donald Trump has offered to fly North Korean leader Kim Jong-un home on his own plane. Trump had two meetings with Kim Jong-un.

Matthew Pottinger, the US National Security Adviser, told the BBC in an interview.

There was a lot of talk about such a meeting between the top leaders of North Korea and the US President. According to US media reports, Donald Trump considered him a friend in the international arena.

The ongoing conflict with the United States over North Korea’s nuclear weapons test has not ended. No positive change has been seen in the relations between the two countries. In 2019, a meeting was held between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Kim Jong-un attended the meeting by train from North Korea. At the end of the meeting, the US President offered to take the North Korean leader home with Air Force One. At that time, Un did not agree to the offer of returning home on the plane of the US President’s official visit.

In June of that year, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met quite dramatically. Trump said after the top two leaders met in the void area on the border between the two Koreas, the talks have been extremely fruitful.

Trump-Un meeting

Trump said the talks would ease tensions between the two countries. Since then, however, North Korea has not changed its nuclear weapons testing program.

Donald Trump invited the North Korean leader to the White House. Kim Jong-un also invited Donald Trump to his country, according to media reports at the time. But in reality nothing happened.

They had another meeting in Singapore before the Trump-Un meeting in Hanoi. In both meetings, Donald Trump spoke to Kim Jong-un in a relaxed manner. John Bolton, Trump’s one-time security adviser, spoke about the meetings. Speaking to the BBC, John Bolton said he considered Un Trump’s best friend.

But the people of the United States consider North Korea a hostile state. The Americans consider North Korea’s nuclear test to be a threat to their national security. In addition, North Korea is considered a hostile state to US allies abroad.

22-2-2021 | If Trump forms a new party, the Republican Party will be empty: poll

Blog News today- If former US President Donald Trump forms a new political party, half of the people in the Republican Party will leave their current party. Forty-six percent of Republicans will leave the party and join the Trump-led party.

According to a poll conducted by Suffolk University in the United States, only 27 percent of Republicans say they will stay in the party.

Opinion polls released on February 21 show that the current Republican Party is unable to contain the awakened conservatism in the United States.

Conservative people are now finding their confidence in Trump, a white-majority political party. Looking at the map of the United States, it is easy to guess that the intensity of conservatism is higher in the south. The Republican Party has to continue its journey to the South for its own existence.

In the November presidential election, Trump won many votes in the southern states. Somewhere the turnout has surpassed all past records.

  Republicans say the party has failed to fight hard for them, according to news reports following the poll. Many Republicans believe that Trump has fought hard for US conservatism.

Trump party future

In addition, many young Republicans feel that a fundamentalist political group has long been formed to run the Democratic and Republican parties. Both groups are dissatisfied that the group seeks to control politics by compromising with each other.

Trump has not yet revealed his political future plans. On January 20, the day he left power, he said he would meet again soon. Meanwhile his supporters began to campaign, Trump himself would form a separate party.

However, Trump’s political adviser Jason Miller said no decision had been made or that Trump was not taking any action right now. Miller noted that Trump is pushing for a Republican majority in Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

After his acquittal in the Senate, Trump said his “Make America Great” movement would be intensified.

10 Republicans in Congress and 7 in the Senate voted against Trump. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell spoke out against Trump but did not vote against. Senator Mitch McConnell was outraged when he said that Trump had a moral responsibility for the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

Trump has said the Republican Party will never win unless it avoids the company of leaders like Mitch McConnell.

Trump has said he will stand up for candidates who support his “Make America Great” movement in the upcoming midterm elections.

Though Trump is still under pressure for various reasons. He is waiting to see how far the legal issues will go against him.

Trump is expected to try to bring the Republican Party under his control. If he fails to do so, he will build a separate political platform. Both prospects are strong for Trump, according to various US media reports.

22-2-2021 | Qatar fines for violating sanctions

Blog News today- Strict sanctions have been imposed in Qatar to control the Corona situation. Violation of the ban is punishable by imprisonment. Immigrants and locals must have mandatory seven-day hotel quarantine when they return to Qatar from another country. However, despite this provision, this provision does not apply to those who have been vaccinated by expatriates.

In Qatar, a country of more than 2.6 million people, including immigrants and locals, about 1,50000  people have already been vaccinated. However, for now, the Qatari government is providing free vaccinations only to front-line Corona fighters, the elderly and those with complex diseases.

22-2-2021 | Russian airstrikes kill 21 IS members in Syria

Blog News today- A Russian airstrike in the Syrian desert has killed 21 IS fighters. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Saturday (February 20th).

The airstrikes were carried out in the vast desert region of Aleppo, bordering Iraq. During this time more than 130 airstrikes have been carried out.

Head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – Rami AbdulRahman said it was difficult for Russia to conduct operations because IS fighters did not have a specific location. They are scattered and do not stay in one place.

22-2-2021 | Military plane crashes in Nigeria, killing 7 army officers

Blog News today- A military plane has crashed in Nigeria, killing seven people. All the dead were army officers. The accident happened on Sunday local time near the capital Abuja. This information has been given in the report of the international news agency AFP.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, AFP reported. Authorities say the pilot sent a message that the engine was out of order just before the crash.

A video of the accident was published on social media. The video shows water cannons being used to put out the fire. Many people gathered at the scene.

22-2-2021 | Fence will increase the security at border: Pakistan’s Home Minister

Blog News today- The Pakistani government is going to complete the fencing work on the border between Afghanistan and Iran. Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said the government was strengthening security along the border. He made the remarks after inspecting the Pakistan-Iran border during a four-day visit to Balochistan. The Pakistani newspaper The Dawn reported this information.

The Pakistani Home Minister was accompanied by Major General Bilal Safdar, Inspector General of the Frontier Corporation of Pakistan and Ilias Badini, Deputy Commissioner of Turbat. The officials told the minister that 40 per cent of the work on the Pakistani fence on the Iranian border had been completed. The construction of the 928-kilometer border fence will be completed by June this year.

On the other hand, the fencing of the country on the Afghan border is 90 percent complete. Pakistan will complete the remaining 10 percent of the work within the next four months.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said, “Pakistan currently has cordial relations with Iran. Now they are focusing on relations with Iran. Over time, that is likely to change. “

21 -02- 2021 | Myanmar army chief Facebook page closed

Blog News today- The main Facebook page of the Myanmar army has been shut down. Facebook authorities took the step on Sunday, the news agency Reuters reported.

The army’s main Facebook page was removed the day after two protesters were shot dead by army and police during anti-coup protests in Myanmar.

Last Saturday, the army and police opened fire on protesters in the town of Mandalay. Two people were killed in the shooting. At least 20 people were injured. Aung San Suu Kyi‘s party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), has condemned the violence. They have called it a crime against humanity.

Myanmar army warns

Protests against the military rule in Myanmar have been going on for more than two weeks. The most violent and bloody day in the protests was last Saturday. Earlier in the day, a female protester died while receiving medical treatment. It was the first death toll in anti-coup protests in Myanmar. A 20-year-old female protester was shot dead during an anti-military protest in Naypyitaw on February 9.

A Facebook spokesman said that in line with their global policy, the Myanmar military-run ” Tatmadaw True News Information Team ” had been removed from Facebook. The action was taken against the Myanmar Army’s Facebook page for repeatedly violating Facebook’s policy on inciting violence and harming organizations.

Myanmar’s army is known as ‘ Tatmadaw ‘. Their ‘True News Information Team’ page was no longer seen on Facebook on Sunday.

Facebook authorities have banned hundreds of pages associated with Myanmar’s military in recent years. They took action after sharp criticism of Facebook’s inaction on the Myanmar army’s hateful and fake posts.

The people of Myanmar are protesting against the military coup. The protest has been going on since February 6. The country’s pro-democracy activists are still protesting on Sunday after the shooting deaths yesterday. Thousands of protesters have already taken to the streets in various cities across the country.

The military has continued to crack down on protesters, including arrests. Police in Myanmar have arrested a popular actor and his wife on Sunday morning.

The watchdog group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says the military has detained 589 people since the uprising in Myanmar.

Opponents of the military rule are protesting on the streets as well as non-cooperation. Many offices have become virtually unusable due to non-cooperation of government employees.

21 -02- 2021 | Serum has asked outside countries to be patient for the vaccine

Blog News today- The institute has asked foreign governments waiting for the corona vaccine from the Serum Institute of India. The news agency Reuters reported this.

The request was made on Sunday by the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. Serum says they have been instructed to prioritize India’s need for corona vaccines.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca corona vaccine is being produced in India by the Serum Institute. The name of the best produced vaccine is ‘ Covishield ‘.

Adar Poonawalla, chief executive of the Serum Institute, said in a tweet, “Please be patient. I beg you to be patient.”

Adar Poonawalla said the Serum Institute has been instructed to prioritize India’s huge needs. As well as being asked to balance the needs of the rest of the world.

In this context, Adar Poonawalla said, “We are doing our best.”
Low- and middle-income countries rely on vaccines produced at the Pune-based Serum Institute in India. These countries include Bangladesh and Brazil.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is called the ‘global vaccine’. Because, these vaccines are relatively cheap in price. This vaccine can be mass-produced. Even this vaccine can be stored at room temperature. This vaccine is to be taken in two doses.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was first approved by the United Kingdom in late December last year. Later, various countries including India and Bangladesh approved this vaccine. Then start using.

Canada wants this vaccine. Poonawalla has promised to provide vaccines to the country next month.

21 -02- 2021 | H5N8 bird flu in human body for the first time

Blog News today- For the first time in Russia, a new strain of bird flu has been detected in humans. This bird flu has been transmitted from animals to humans.

Other types of bird flu are occasionally transmitted to humans. Many times it can lead to infection and even death. However, this is the first case of H5N8 infection in humans.

The BBC reported on Sunday that seven workers at a ranch in southern Russia had been infected with the new bird flu virus. Anna Popova, head of Russia’s health watchdog, said the seven were now in good health. She said effective measures have been taken to control the infection. Popova said there were no signs of human-to-human transmission. She said the matter has been reported to the World Health Organization.

Popova praised Russia’s Vector Laboratory for its important scientific discoveries. Such genetic information on bird flu from infected workers is isolated in that laboratory. Popova said Vector’s research shows that the mutated bird flu virus has not yet acquired the ability to be transmitted from human to human. The world needs to be prepared to prevent further mutations in the virus.

Popova thinks Russian scientists can begin testing the virus in an improved way.

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