AR glasses dog eyes new technology

Augmented reality glasses are designed to guide the dog from a distance. The US military recently showed a demo of AR glasses made for dogs. According to a report, the ‘Command Sight’... Read more »

China 5G bus is running on the road Driverless

If you want to know which country is ahead in technological innovation in the world, then China’s name comes without hesitation. Because, when the whole world is eager to launch 5G service... Read more »

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app store

Useful apps from app store for household work

Many useful apps for household work- Smartphones are essential in almost every aspect of daily life today, not lagging behind in household chores. Just by installing the app as needed from app... Read more »

Facebook against Bangladeshi Hacker CRAF and DONS

Facebook, the largest social media platform, has taken action against two Bangladeshi hacker groups. The two hacker groups are the Crime Research and Analysis Foundation (CRAF) and the Defense of Nations (DONS).... Read more »

Chinese App Tuber gives opportunity: avoid (Great Firewall)

An app has arrived in China that will allow Chinese users to view some content from the Western world, avoiding the Great Firewall. The app was launched by China’s largest cybersecurity company... Read more »

Astronomy Apps (Sky Map) for iOS and Android

Is it possible to identify all the stars in the sky? Yes, possible. There is a map of the earth. As well as there is also a map of the sky. In... Read more »

Realme new smartwatch (Watch S) on the market

Realme has recently unveiled the new smartwatch ‘Watch S’ in Europe and Asia. Earlier in May this year, the company unveiled the Realme Watch globally. Realme Watch S is the company’s second... Read more »

3 best free VPN free download free trial

What’s up guys! Nowadays it is very vital to utilize a VPN as it gives you a lot more privacy when you are surfing the net. If you don’t want your data... Read more »
Russian-Weapons chess board

3 Latest Russian Weapon Systems proven monster of war

Hello everyone welcome again with us at weapon technology blog. Today I’m going to engage you to see three Russian weapon systems that have no equivalence anywhere in the world. Before reading... Read more »

5 best writing apps for writers who start blogging

Hi aspiring writers, writing Coach K. Homer and this is The Life of a Writer blog. In this blog I will provide five of the best writing apps for writers that will... Read more »