palmetto state armory

palmetto state armory review

Palmetto State Armory is an American firearms company based in Columbia, South Carolina. The name comes from South Carolina’s official nickname, “The Palmetto State”. The Palmetto State Armory was founded in 2008... Read more »

Suddenly popular BiP Messenger app

Users of Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp are upset over changes to their security policy. Many have even deleted the app from their Smartphones. For the same reason, there is a rush to... Read more »

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stop annoying ads on the phone

Best way to stop annoying ads on the phone

While using the Smartphone, various advertisements suddenly appear on the screen of the phone. This is a very annoying time for everyone when it comes to important work. Sometimes the ad can... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy M51 review affordable smartphone

The world of technology is changing. Along with this change, Smartphone makers are also bringing new innovative technology devices. They are making the devices by giving priority to the needs and affordability... Read more »

Do You Need A Best Smartwatch Review?

Even in the midst of an epidemic corona lockdown, new smart devices have come to the market. At this time people have become most addicted to different devices. The smartwatch is one... Read more »

Do You Need To Turn Off Wifi Calling On Any Smartphone?

Today’s blog I’ve discussed you new topic, How to Turn off WiFi calling. In this context, I will tell you in simple word ‘’turn off WiFi calling”. So let’s find out how... Read more »

Advanced MRI technology facts and history

Advanced MRI technology- Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI for short, is a state-of-the-art method used to capture images of different parts of the human body as needed. In this method, magnetic resonance... Read more »

Corona test on smartphone (the new CRISPR method)

The global epidemic of coronavirus has crippled the economy and paralyzed people’s livelihoods. The rate of new infections and deaths is constantly increasing. To get rid of Covid-19, experts say to go... Read more »
minimize CO2 emissions

Changes to city procurement can minimize CO2 emissions?

This blog was firstly published by Anna Lisa Boni on Cities Today, an engaging news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international visitors of city leaders. For the latest updates... Read more »

Apple self-driving cars upcoming technology

Apple, a US technology product maker, will build self-driving cars by 2024. Apple has made significant progress in developing the software needed to make driverless cars. In 2019, 200 workers were added... Read more »