Korean food made with intestines- delicious food

Japanese, Chinese, and Korean – I can find a food connection between the names of these countries.

Chinese traditional food is very famous all over the world. But Korean food is also delicious.

The stories I heard about Korean food were astounding. They eat snakes, frogs, dogs, etc.

Strange! what a different smell. It is as if the smell of their food is mixed in this smell.

Korean food near me

Food shops in every alley in Korea. And here the home delivery man rides more bikes than the others do. With street food shop and local and international coffee shops are very popular here.

Korean ‘kimbap’ or ‘gimbap’ is a lot of fun. White rice, with vegetables of your choice, eggs, and kim with as many vegetables as you like, meaning rice rolls wrapped with dried seaweed.

 ‘Jjimdak’ is cooked with chicken, rice noodles and vegetables…Lots of fun to eat.

Korean food and their history

Koreans are very hardworking nation. 50 years ago, they used to eat only herbs. They work much harder. That is why it has improved so much in such a short time. Not a bit of a waste of time. They prefer to spend that time working, rather than the time they spend cooking.

This is their improvement. That’s why there is a food shop in every alley. And the food stores are so clean; the quality of the food is so good that you don’t have to worry about what to eat?

Every food store has home delivery. Usually the price of one meal starts from four thousand in Korean Won. The prices of all the shops are the same. Some are nineteen-twenty, but not too many.

Korean Traditional Kimchi

Most people who are older cook more at home. But whether one cooks or not, there must be ‘kimchi’ in everyone’s home. That means pickled preserved vegetables. The Chinese use more Cabbage. Of course, kimchi can be made with any vegetable. There must be kimchi with any food.

Traditional kimchi recipe

This kimchi is a very healthy food. The Koreans have made the food with health in mind. Their food is very little oil.

You will order a meal, and you will have a variety of side dishes…At least four or five types. It is more than that all the time.

Koreans eat lunch between 12 and 1 p.m. Very short time. And dinner time starts from 6 pm. After working hard all day, they like to eat at dinner time, talking for a long time. They can eat a lot. However, they do too much hard work.

Dinner is the best time for Koreans to eat. If there have a barbecue, then there is no point.

Korean grilled meat is much more popular.

Koreans habit to intake food

Koreans like to dive into the sea during the holidays. They go to the beach to have fun in the water, all day or all day and night. In a portable oven with a tent, ‘Ramyeon’ means cooking noodles, and roasted meat with it means hanging out while having a barbecue. Koreans like to eat with great satisfaction. In fact, they really enjoy the food. And yes, Ramyeon is very popular in China, Japan, and Korea everywhere.

Bibimbap, Bokkeumbap, a thousand kinds of Ramyeon, Sea Weed Soup, Gejang, Galbi, Kongguksu, Samgyetang, Kimbap, Chicken Fry … and many more. There are so many types of Korean food that you can’t finish them. But the truth is that Korean food is actually much tastier and much healthier.

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