Cytokine storm symptoms in acute respiratory syndrome

Cytokine is a type of protein. They give signals to the molecules of the immune system about what to do. When a coronavirus infection occurs, the body’s immune response is often severe. During this time a large amount of cytokine is secreted into the blood. They act as stimulants to prevent disease. A sudden surge of excess cytokine is called a cytokine storm. It can be called an overreaction of the body’s immune system. Many times this results in increased inflammation in the body.

Cytokine storm are more common in the lungs, kidneys, brain and other organs and in the bloodstream. Coronavirus infection damages the respiratory tract. The coronavirus enters the respiratory cell using its axons and takes control of the cell. Thus the virus continues to make its copy through the cells. One by one the respiratory cells are attacked. Shortness of breath begins. In addition to the lungs, the kidneys, brain, liver and other important organs are also affected. Decreases oxygen saturation in the blood. In this condition cytokine storm can occur as a strong campaign against the virus. As a result, many times the infected cells become the target of cytokine storms. This can lead to problems for the patient.

What to do if Corona is positive?

Of course we all know what to do. Blood test to understand the symptoms of the disease first. If positive, he should follow the doctor’s advice. We all do these things. But what I don’t do or don’t want to do is wear a face mask all the time. Even at home. If it is positive then there is no question of going out, even at home you have to stay separate and keep a face mask all the time. It is needed to protect others in the home. Many of us don’t want to understand the need to wear a mask even if we are alone at home. But it is necessary to breathe loudly, talk, sneeze-cough — all this goes on all the time. So the infection of others will be somewhat prevented if we have a face mask.

The second task is to wash your hands with soap several times a day even if you are alone at home. Coronavirus is very hard and resistant, no doubt. But absolutely overwhelmed with a little soap. Just 20 to 30 seconds of contact with soap and water melts the fatty coating around the virus. The RNA virus can no longer survive.

The third important task is to check the level of oxygen saturation in the blood with a pulse-oximeter several times a day. If the level of oxygen in the blood is too low, you need to go to the hospital immediately. In this regard, keep in touch with the doctor at all times and follow their advice.

The vaccine for coronavirus has not yet arrived, but much progress has been made in its treatment. Therefore, it is essential to follow the advice of a doctor at all times for the latest medical benefits.

Vaccine confirmation

Now it is clear that the vaccine is coming in a month, maybe it will take some more time. But the important thing is to ensure the vaccine cold chain. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the vaccine may be reduced or it may not be useful. It is important to ensure that everyone adheres to the hygiene rules until the vaccine arrives. Wear a mask for at least another year and wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Only then can we survive the coronavirus epidemic, experts say.

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