Good and bad impact of Facebook in Bangladesh

Impact of Facebook- Facebook is a social communication system which is helpful for communicate with for living people. Now-a-days it has become more powerful like people of all over the world using Facebook. Facebook user rate is increasing day by day. Even using Facebook is like a fashion in today’s generation. Teenagers are also using Facebook. Though Facebook is very good for communication but it also has some bad side like those who teenagers are using Facebook, it become like a habit.

Impact of Facebook

By using Facebook they cannot concentrate on their studies because they become addicted to Facebook. Secondly, we can find any kinds of news in Facebook but sometimes there are fake news in Facebook which makes a bad impact on us. Thirdly, those who use Facebook excess they are harmed by many diseases like eye problem, and skin cancer etc. Because when a person is holding a mobile in hand and using it then the phone leave electron which is very harmful for body.

Even it is more harmful for us because when a person or student starts using Facebook he is a member of social media system. Then he starts other communication systems and especially he becomes addicted by phone game which makes him lazy. He is very busy in playing in mobile that’s why he doesn’t get out of playing out door games. That’s makes a person lazy and dull. Thus makes a man apart from everybody and being familiar with social media. Though it makes our world very smaller, it has some disadvantages which make a very bad impact on us.

Use Facebook carefully

So we all should use Facebook carefully like using it at a limited time and will have awareness of fake news on Facebook. We should not to addict in mobile on online games, should go out for playing out door games. It can make a very good impact on us and it can be very easier to use. Then we can call it a good social communication system and if we don’t be aware of the bad side of Facebook we will not be able to connect with good social communicating system. So we all have to be aware about this.

Writer: Shajuti Mostafa,

Tejgoan Govt. Girls High School, Dhaka.

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