Mona Lisa got life by deepfake technology

Using artificial intelligence, the famous painting ‘ Mona Lisa ‘ is given artificial life. The scene was seen in the technology center of a Samsung AI center.

Are you remembering the pictures of Hogwarts talking in Harry Potter movie? The people inside the canvas could move and talk. It was a magical world. Modern technology is working now as like magic. In the artificial intelligence of Samsung in Russia, famous artist Leonardo da Vinci painted ‘ Mona Lisa ‘ appeared to move the head and face as well as to moving eyeballs.

Mona Lisa ‘brought to life’ with deepfake AI technology in Moscow

There is no end to curiosity in the people minds of Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa”, and there are thousands of mysteries surrounded by her. If the woman who looked in the steady stealthy eyes spoke a little! Samsung also turned it into reality.

A newly published paper reveals that the use of artificial intelligence can move and stabilize the picture! The fixed image is given to life! It is called ‘target face’; and with the help of a video that is directed to move to the target phase, it is called ‘source video’. In their newly discovered method, they made a video with the target Face Mona Lisa to move the head and face and glance in the eyes!

This means that the famous Mona Lisa of Vinci was stuck in the face of the first time! The specialty of the newly discovered method is that, through this video, only one picture can be shot with the photo of the person and the video can be made! However, if the target face is to be spoken, the picture will be lively if it has multiple faces. This technology can mask the faces of a human from source video.

Animated Mona Lisa Using Artificial Intelligence | Deepfake Technology

who got life by deepfake technology

This technology is not just that Mona Lisa was lived. According to the BBC, scientists Albert Einstein, actress Marilyn Monroe, Spain painter Salvador Dali and Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky have also been given the ability to rub eye and mouth.

Deepfake Threat

However, it is interesting that in recent years such technology has also been abused. In Deepfake video, one’s face is placed on another’s body. Simply watching, there is no inconsistency in sight. The lecturer at VISTEC, a new research institute in Rayong, Thailand in the year 2017 threw a scream by making US President Barack Obama a fake video by using Deepfake technology.

Various stars’ defamation incidents are not less by using Deepfake Technology. Deepfake technology has also been used to manipulate photos of celebrities to make pornography. But looking at the positive aspects of Samsung’s new technology Dr Supasorn Suwajanakorn told the BBC that using this technology can keep memories of the dead members of the family. As a result, the loss of your loved ones will be greatly reduced.

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