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Healthy delicious food worldwide- Every food has a special nutrient which is especially useful for the body. No matter where you go in the world to travel, maybe you are always waiting to eat something good. Because good food helps you walk the path. Many people not only indulge in adventures with nature, they also love food adventures. Where you can’t find the kind of food easily in the local environment, maybe you can go somewhere and get that food.

How to eat delicious healthy food on a budget?

In every budget tour you can intake delicious healthy food near your places. You just make a food plan and you’ll get info from your search engine near your tour places. Search engine will help you definitely to get delicious dish near you.

See 15 best healthy delicious food worldwide today available in different parts of the world that will bring water to your tongue.

One of the fun things about traveling around the world is the opportunity to taste the food. Different from the taste of home cooking, various interesting dishes from around the world will come to you with new surprises. Today we’re going to give you 15 world-famous delicacies you’ve probably never heard of before. If you ever visit these places, you must try these foods at least once.

Best healthy delicious food

15. Pasteis de Nata


This delicious dish is the most famous thing in Portugal after Cristiano Ronaldo. Pasteis de Nata is a small tart made with eggs: a small crispy pastry served with creamy custard.

14. Pho, Vietnam

Pho- Vietnam - healthy delicious food
Pho, Vietnam

Vietnam is a country rich in life and natural resources. Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. Their menu includes plenty of greens and seafood. At the same time, there is the traditional cooking technique of Vietnam.

During cooking, Vietnamese people avoid fried burns and use oil as little as possible. That is why Vietnamese food is recognized as one of the healthiest foods in the world. The most famous food in Vietnam is Pho. A delicious Vietnamese soup made with broth, rice noodles, various herbs, chicken or mutton.

13. Langos, Hungary

Langos, Hungary
Langos, Hungary

Life is in vain if you go to Hungary but do not eat this delicious food. On fried bread with sour cream and grated cheese it’s made.

12. Bulgogi, Korea

Bulgogi, Korea healthy delicious food
Bulgogi, Korea

Korean food is known as very healthy and offers a huge range of favorites. Barbecue is one of the most famous dishes in Korea. Bulgogi, which means grilled meat, is one of the most delicious Korean dishes. At first marinated meat is cut into pieces and fried in a pan. The Korean version of the barbecue meat is then served with glass noodles, rice or vegetables.

11. Lahpet thoke a healthy delicious food in Myanmar

Lahpet thoke, Myanmar
Lahpet thoke, Myanmar

This famous dish from Myanmar is actually a salad made with spicy tea leaves, fried nuts, beans, sesame seeds, fried garlic and shrimp. There is only one reason you should eat this food. Because if you eat it you will know that not all types of tea are made in the tea kettle alone.

10. Nasi Goreng, Indonesia

Nasi Goreng, Indonesia
Nasi Goreng, Indonesia

One of the most popular dishes in Indonesia is fried rice and made with several vegetables. Even this unique dish is cooked in front of anyone who eats it. Nasi Goreng is available in almost all restaurants at a lower price than other dishes.

This is made by mixing fried rice, meat, vegetables, fried eggs and mustard. Naturally the food is easily digested and for budget travels it can become a menu every time.

09. Bunny Chow a regular delicious food in South Africa

Bunny Chow, South Africa
Bunny Chow, South Africa

It is a sugary food, which is quite well known to South Africans. The word Chow is from China but its usage is quite good here. This dish is basically a combination of sugary beans and bread. It is found as the least expensive food almost everywhere in South Africa.

Bunny Chow has a long history. Due to the high cost of food, this low-cost food became popular for ordinary South African workers. This dish became popular because it can be prepared with very little money. When you go to South Africa, Bunny Chow must try to eat.

08. Lunch packets Sri Lanka

Lunch packets Sri Lanka healthy delicious food
Lunch packets Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a way to have a very hot meal in Sri Lanka, try eating the lunch packet as lunch every day. The lunch packets are available in almost all types of cafes in Sri Lanka.

Food packets are sold wrapped in foil paper from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Inside it is meat, rice, vegetables. You will get Coconut cora with the food. This very tasty dish is available in almost all food shops in Sri Lanka at a very low cost.

07. Thali, India

Thali, India
Thali, India

The cheapest food you can get in India is Thali. In the middle of the plate, bread, rice, vegetables and various types of salads, chutneys are served. Somewhere this food can be eaten for only 50 to 100 rupees. In addition, after the meal, there may be a yogurt-sweet arrangement in the plate. So if you go to India, you must try Thali food.

06. Kaiten-sushi, Japan

healthy delicious food- Kaiten-sushi, Japan
Kaiten-sushi, Japan

Japan is a very well known area for expensive travel. You may have to spend a lot of money on each step in that area. But apart from creating a huge void in your pocket, there are some good foods available here that not many people know about.

Kaiten-sushi, one of the most popular Japanese dishes, can be had for only 100 Japanese Yen. This means rolling sushi. It has a good reputation within Japan’s low-cost food list.

05. Chilaquiles, Mexico

Chilaquiles, Mexico
Chilaquiles, Mexico

This is one of the most famous dishes in Mexico. This dish is served with a special Mexican omelette – tortillas, salsa, meat, cream, cheese sauce and avocado crumbs. Extra beans and fried eggs are added according to taste.

04. Ice cream, Cuba

healthy delicious food- Ice cream, Cuba
Ice cream, Cuba

Due to some trade restrictions and food supply problems, recipes made in Cuba’s own ingredients are quite popular in the Caribbean.

Most of the tourists eat ice cream with cheap food while eating and drinking in this area. Bean cultivation in Cuba is so good that it is possible to produce pure chocolate and cream. As a result, the ice creams here taste very good. So if you go to Cuba, you must try the ice creams here.

03. Fish and Chips, England

Fish and Chips healthy delicious food, England
Fish and Chips, England

Chips and fish have long been a staple food for the working class in England. The local tipi fish is cut and made into chips. This food is stored for a long time with salt in it. Vinegar is also given in between so its taste remains intact. If you are trying to eat fish and chips, don’t forget to eat pulpy peas.

02. Tajine, Morocco

Tajine, Morocco healthy delicious food
Tajine, Morocco

In Morocco, you can combine dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, lemons, olives and chicken with this Moroccan food for only 30 Moroccan money. Tajine originally came from the name of a ship.

In some places it is said that the ship’s crew began to eat all the food together to provide enough energy and calories. Since then, the name of this dish is Tajine, which has been gaining popularity in the region for centuries.

01. Pizza, Italy best healthy delicious food

Pizza, Italy healthy delicious food
Pizza, Italy

Although the original origin of the pizza is still unknown, it is thought that, most likely, the origin of this type of food is from the Roman bread focaccia. Modern pizza appeared in Naples, Italy in the 18th or 19th century, hence the name Neapolitan pie. However, there are some references to it in ancient Greek, Egyptian, Armenian and others.

According to a research, about half of the people in the world like pizza. Italy will be the first to make the most delicious pizza in the world. Italian pizza at the lowest cost and with the best taste is loved all over the world. Here you can taste the best pizza in the world with just a few euros. So in Italy you must try to taste the pizzas here.

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