Dog food list

Dog food- Dogs are commonly carnivorous. They eat almost all types of edibles. Wild dog breeds eat the meat, bones, various organs and digestive plants. Although dogs are carnivores, they consume very small amounts of vegetable food for digestion.

List of foods for dog health

Feed good quality dry food or canned food according to the age and weight of the dog. These processed foods contain the right amount of nutrients. Dog food of different brands and different flavors is available in the market and in various online shops. However, look at the expiration date on the dog food packet and try to feed premium aliment.

Try to provide natural Foods for your lovely puppies. For example: flesh (the flesh of a cow, chicken meat, mutton, etc.), eggs, bones and various vegetable eatables.

If your dog has a problem with his teeth or gums, do not let him take the bones. Bone can cause various gum and dental sickness.

When it comes to the bone eating then it should be large bone pieces so that the whole bone does not get into the mouth.

Sometimes canned fish can be fed such as sardines, tuna, salmon etc.

Occasionally it can be fed a small amount of boiled vegetables such as sweet pumpkin, carrot, broccoli, etc.


Dogs can be fed with lightly boiled meat (without spices, onions, garlic).

Let the dog eat grass occasionally which acts as a vegetable substitute and helps digestion. Beware of chemical and poisonous plants.


The amount of food depends on the size of your dog, dog breeds, age, weight, training, etc. However, it should be noted that extra food or very small amount of food should not be fed.

Adult breeds need to be fed two times a day. Training should not be done just before and just after eating.

Dogs must be kept clean at all times.

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Some harmful foods that dogs should not be fed

Some foods that should not be fed to dogs (toxic to dogs) are onions, garlic, chocolate, coffee and caffeine, avocado fruit, raw flour, yeast, grapes, raisins, nuts, fruit seeds or grains such as mango flour, avocado fruit Grains, raw tomatoes, mushrooms, daily fish, small bones, Xylitol (used instead of sugar in various foods), chewing gum, toothpaste, etc.

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