What Are Some Rare Mental Disorders?

Mental disorder is actually a mental illness that can cause a variety of problems for many people. It is very important to diagnose any mental disorder problem in the patient so that it can be treated well. There are different types of mental disorders that can be easily diagnosed. But there are a few mental disorders which are very rare and sometimes they cause big problems in society.

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Rare Mental Disorders list:

  • The adjustment disorder: it occurs generally when the person has been observed to develop emotional and behavioral signs and symptoms when reacting to certain stressful conditions, events, or situations. The stressors that they face may even include the natural disasters, maybe a tornado or an earthquake; crisis or events like a diagnosis of a major sickness, car accidents, etc.; or even interpersonal disturbances, for example, problems with substance abuse, loss of a job, divorce, death of a loved one, etc. This kind of mental illness starts usually within three months after the event or situation has arisen and also gets over within six months of discarding the stressor or it being stopped.
  • Sexual and gender disorders: sexual dysfunction, gender identity disorder (transsexuals), and paraphilias are different examples of this mental health disorder. They affect sexual behavior, desire, and performance too.
  • Somatoform disorders: a person suffering from this illness (previously called psychosomatic disorder), shows physical symptoms of sick conditions even though the doctor is not able to find any actual medical cause for such symptoms.
  • Dissociative disorders: earlier this disorder was also known as multiple personality disorder or split personality disorder. Depersonalization disorder is an example of this kind of condition. They have arisen as a result of overwhelming stress, which in turn might be a result of accidents, traumatic events, or disasters that might be affecting the mental condition of the patient. The patient has been observed, over time to undergo suffering of severe disturbances or even changes in identity, consciousness, memory, and in general, awareness of themselves and their surroundings.
  • Factitious disorders: this is a condition of mental illness where the emotional and physical symptoms have been formed so that the individual gets placed in the role of a patient who is in need of help.
  • Impulse control and addiction disorders: the patients cannot resist urges, desires, or impulses which might be motivating them to take actions that could be harmful either to others or to even themselves. Kleptomania (stealing), compulsive gambling, and pyromania (starting fires) are just a few examples of these health conditions. Alcohol and drugs have been found to be the most common objects of addiction. People have also been noticed to ignore their relationships and responsibilities and literally everything else except their object of addiction with which they have become so involved, over time.

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