Donald Trump Jr is overseeing the election campaign

This time, Donald Trump’s son Jr. Trump is overseeing the election campaign. He shared the promotional video titled ‘Four More Years’ on social media. The 107-second video includes various collages of Modi and Trump.

As the pressure mounts, it seems that US President Donald Trump is constantly trying new ways to win the election. This time, Trump used Narendra Modi as a ‘tool’ to attract about 2 million non-resident Indians in America. In the first election campaign video, he put part of Trump’s speech at the ‘Namaste Trump’ event in Ahmedabad and Narendra Modi’s speech at ‘Howdy Modi’ in Houston.

Four More Years election campaign

This time, his son Donald Trump Jr is overseeing election campaign. That junior Trump shared the promotional video called ‘Four More Years’ on social media. This video was viewed by about 66,000 people in a matter of hours. The 107-second video includes various collages of Modi and Trump.

PM Modi featured in Donald Trump ad

Modi’s popularity skyrocketed in the US. And Trump wants to take advantage of the popularity of the Indian Prime Minister in the ballot box. “America loves India,” he said at the Namaste Trump event. The American people will be indebted to the Indians for their contribution and credibility. Indians are really good people. This very moment has been captured in the video.

Former US President Barack Obama slammed

Recently, former US President Barack Obama slammed current President Trump. Directly claiming, his successor Donald Trump is absolutely unfit for the presidency.

Ensuring Joe Biden’s victory is essential to keeping American democracy alive.

On the one hand, Obama has blamed the unbridled death, unemployment and economic downturn of Americans in Corona to Donald trump, on the other hand, Obama has praised Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Obama Condemns Trump at 2020 Democratic National Convention

Striking Trump, Obama added, ‘Biden became like my brother. He has been by my side in all challenges. Biden helped me become a better president.’

He has the characteristic ability and experience to gift a beautiful country. ‘And so the former president’s plea to the American people is, ‘Choose Biden and Harris to save democracy.

Don’t let the Republicans usurp your power!’

And in this situation, in the face of intense pressure, this time Trump targeted non-resident Indians.

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