Egyptian gods family tree of ancient Egypt

Egyptian- There is no shortage of curiosity about the ancient world. What they did, how they walked, what their eating habits were, what the treatment of various diseases was, etc., various things often revolve in our heads. Today we will learn about the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. The story of how the people of the primitive age imagined them, what deities they worshiped, and at the same time the story of the deities themselves, is the subject of the whole of today’s writing.

The gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt


Nut was the goddess of the sky and the stars. The ancient Egyptians believed that her huge body protected mankind by creating a protective layer on the surface of the earth. Every night She would eat the solar god Ra and every morning She would give birth to him again!


Shu was the god of dry air. He is usually seen with a crown of feathers on his head. His job was to keep the sky and the ground apart by keeping Nut’s body up!


Gabe was the god of the earth. He was at the same time the brother and husband of Newt, the goddess of the sky. In ancient times, the Egyptians thought that earthquakes were caused by Gabe’s laughter!


Amun was once known to the Egyptians as a very powerful deity. It is even known from Egyptian history that he was once considered the ‘King of the Gods’. Sometimes he would associate with the sun god Ra and take the name ‘Amun-ra’.


Anubis, who had a human body and a fox-like head, was thought to be the god of death. In ancient Egypt, foxes were often seen picking up carcasses from graveyards. This is where the idea of Anubis’s fox-like head came from. Priests associated with the mummification of the bodies of ancient Egyptian kings also wore masks in imitation of Anubis.

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