Biden VP Kamala Harris is an Indian descent!

Biden VPKamala Harris, of Indian descent, has been announced as the Democratic Vice President candidate of the United States.

Biden running mate

Joe Biden has announced Kamala Harris of Indian descent as the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate. The California senator is the first black woman in U.S. history and of Indian descent to run for president on behalf of a major political party. Not only that, she will run for vice president as the third woman in the history of the US presidential election.

In a tweet, Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, said, “I am proud to announce that I have chosen Kamala Harris as my comrade-in-arms. Fearless fighter for the little boy and one of the best people’s representatives in the country.’’

Biden VP- In her first public response to the announcement, Kamala wrote on Twitter, “Joe Biden will be able to unite the American people. Because he has fought for us all his life. As president, he will build an America that adheres to our ideals. I am honored to be elected as the party’s vice-presidential candidate and will do whatever it takes to make him (Biden) Commander-in-Chief. “

Kamala Harris

Kamala, 55, was born in Chennai. Her mother Shyamla Gopalan was a cancer researcher. She died in 2009. Kamala’s father Donald Harris is a Jamaican. He taught at Stanford University. Kamala was separated from her parents at a very young age. Meanwhile, Kamala moved to America.

Although Indians living in the United States are overwhelmed by Biden’s decision, US President Donald Trump has slammed him. Trump said he was “surprised” by the decision to choose Kamala as his deputy, despite not showing respect for Biden. At the same time, Trump said, ‘We’ll see how she (Kamala) works. You know, she’s done very, very badly in the primary. ‘

Harris, 55, was elected senator for the first time from California. She was Biden’s rival in the Democratic primary.

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