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The main feelings in mental illness are long-term coldness, depression, uncontrolled mood, excessive fear, abnormality in eating and sleep. There is a link between mental and physical well-being with oral health. To protect mental health, everyone needs to elevate oral care.

The role of teeth for the mental health of the child

Tooth caries is a common disease in children and even adults are prone to it. Children who go to school eat their favorite foods like ice cream, chocolate, soft drinks, artificial juices, potato chips, fast food etc. The cavities of the teeth formed due to these foods; when they invade the marrow between the teeth due to lack of treatment, the pain starts and then the root of the tooth becomes swollen and the tooth breaks. Children who have good oral health have an interest in learning, self-confidence, normal memory, normal growth of the body and adequate nutrition, and are mentally happy with vitality.

Malnutrition, reluctance to go to school, inattention to study, etc. are seen due to difficulty in eating with sick teeth.

If the baby teeth do not fall out at the right time, there is a risk that the permanent teeth will become abnormal, and then the lack of beauty can lead to mental distress, resulting in the loss of normal smile. Laughter is one of the means to protect our mental health, one of the tools to express personality.

Anyone of any age can suffer from depression with his random and faded teeth. Causes of discolored teeth include not brushing teeth properly, smoking, soft drinks, injuries, tooth decay, and side effects of medications.

Oral Care and Awareness


Studies have shown that dementia is a syndrome in which memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to perform normal daily activities are impaired. The tendency to dementia can be seen if the teeth are not protected due to negligence. A major cause of dementia is not having teeth. As the argument goes, proper chewing supplies enough blood to the brain, thus keeping the brain fresh. The toothless face destroys beauty.

People are beauty-loving. Healthy normal and beautiful teeth play a role in office interviews, participation in social events, chatting with friends, attracting the attention of others, presenting one’s own qualifications, etc. Chronic gum disease often causes fear in many people, with negative psychological effects.

There is no substitute of elevate oral care to maintain the health and beauty of the face. The practice of cleaning the face according to the rules can prevent most of the diseases. It is important to take proper care of any disease or mental illness.

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