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What is the responsibility of an emergency room registered nurse? Although all nurses receive some training for their patients in emergencies, the Emergency Response Force must recognize the sudden, living conditions of people of all ages and in all conditions and take care of them quickly. The United States had a shortage of more than 800,000 nurses by 2020, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The emergency rooms of the hospital, which are responsible for life and death in the hands of the staff, need registered nurses to perform many important duties.

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Basic duties of Emergency Room Registered Nurse

It plays an integral role in the assessment and treatment of patients in the emergency room and as part of the emergency room team. At some point they can resuscitate a heart attack victim and later, teach a child how to avoid toxic ivy.

The speed of their work can dial very fast to slow to high speed. The overall duties of a nurse in an emergency room are to stabilize patients’ brains, to quickly find medical conditions, to control pain, and to prevent injuries to patients. One of the responsibilities in the most urgent emergency room is the triangle. A process that prioritizes the medical condition and how critical it is. The nurse in the emergency room responsible for this. Also known as the triage nurse, decides based on patients ’complaints and vital signs. If they are evaluated and treated quickly or provided with lab tests and procedures including slow-measure evaluations.

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Basic skills

The Emergency Nurses Association thinks that the main skills for nurses in the emergency room include improved cardiac life support, pediatric improved life support assessment, respiratory assessment, arterial blood gas and how to evaluate cardiac enzymes, ECG and EKG interpretation and fourth skill.

Personal qualities of Emergency Room Registered Nurse

Nursing in an emergency room calls for certain personal characteristics that others will rely on in an emergency. These gears include the ability to move quickly; to multitask; it has sharp monitoring, evaluation and prioritization skills; and there is plenty of stamina. Nurses in the emergency room need to have good communication and customer service skills. As well as a thorough knowledge of themselves and how to deal with extremely stressful situations. And stay calm, no matter what.

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