Foods to reduce body heat in summer

Most of the foods we eat raise our body temperature. There is no substitute for food to get energy in the body. However, there are some foods that provide energy as well as keep our body cool. In this blog I have discussed some of the good foods that keep our body cool.

The food that keeps the body cools during the summer

Foods to reduce body heat in summer- Due to heat in summer season, the body temperature also increases. There are many types of problems in digestion. It is necessary to make some changes in the diet to stay healthy at this time. Some different types of fruits, some vegetables can help to keep the body cool in this season.

Gourd has 92 percent water. There is absolutely no fat in it. Because it contains sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium, it is very beneficial for the body. The fiber in it keeps moisture in the body.

health benefits of cucumber

Foods to reduce body heat- There is no alternative of cucumber to keep the body cool in summer. It contains 96 percent water. In the summer, you can eat cucumber as a salad to fill the body water shortage.

lady’s finger “Okra” health benefits

There are lots of soluble and insoluble fat in the lady’s finger “Okra”. The antioxidant contained in it plays a role in weight control. It also controls blood sugar levels. It also helps in cooling down the body.

Bitter melon keeps your body cool in summer season

The fiber in bitter melon helps keep blood sugar levels low. Because of its low calorie, it is also effective in weight control. Eating bitter melon in the warmth keeps moisture in the body.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato contains 70 percent water. This nutrient vegetable helps keep the body cool.

Broccoli keeps you cool in summer season

There is 90 percent water in the broccoli. Broccoli is very effective to keep the body cool in summer. To keep the body cool from the temperature of the summer, you can eat regular cooked or boiled broccoli.

Intake Healthy Energy Foods to boost immune system

Apart from this, Patol, Snake gourd helps digestion of various ingredients in these vegetables. It also keeps the body cool. These are natural fresh foods to boost the immune system. All of these are fast weight loss diet for everyone. Reject unhealthy fast food from your menu card. Start intake fresh natural foods to boost your body immunity.

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