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You are looking for a puppy to buy? It is very important to know what nature it is and whether it is Child friendly dog breeds. If you have a baby or your friend has a baby, it will be very helpful for you to know about it. Make sure which dogs are not suitable for small children and what their effects are. Dogs are not always good for kids so make sure which breed of dogs is good for kids.

There are some dangerous breeds of dogs in the world. Even there are some dog breeds that can attack and kill humans. Nothing matters at the moment of attack by this dangerous species. You can learn about dangerous dog breeds from my previous post.

Child-friendly dog breeds pictures

Today’s blog is about the top 10 child friendly dog breeds in the world. The dog breeds described below can easily become a faithful companion to your family and your baby. One thing to keep in mind is that your dog is a faithful part of your family. So keep your dog clean and know how to keep your pet clean.



Labradors or hounds are good for any kind of family situation. These dogs are great with kids because they are both able to play and they know when to calm down. These are funny, affectionate and loyal dogs. They are also very easy to take care of and there is no cost involved. These are very suitable for older children who can feed dogs of this size.


Child friendly dog breeds- Yorkshire-Terrier-Slumped-on-the-Floor

Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie is a good dog breed for kids. Despite being small in size, these are very glowing. These dog breeds are perfect for children to play. Yorkies are good for all kids, big and small. They can be wonderful pets regardless of family size. While this is good for babies, it is also difficult to get along with other dogs and can sometimes cause problems with other pets in the house. The house where this dog has a pet will live very well with many children suitable for the house.

Bull dog:


Bull dogs are snarling and strong. They are capable of playing numerous games. Kids who love to play a lot, these dogs are great as their playmates regardless of their age. These are very loyal and always want to be with kids but rarely become aggressive. Children do not get angry easily if they pull on its tail or rub it a lot.

Belgian Shepherd:


The Belgian Shepherd is just like the most popular German shepherd. It is also a little less aggressive. The German shepherd is the most loyal dog and the Belgian Shepherd so. These two types of dogs are seen in families, especially children. The Belgian Shepherd is not usually aggressive. The German shepherd is better to buy for the purpose of protecting the family. And the Belgian Shepherd is good first for the family and secondly as a guard dog. They are great for families with small children but should be looked at when having more young children.



Atika is a medium sized dog. It is a type of dog that can be easily controlled and not easily lost. It is good for kids because it is very quiet in nature. This dog is aggressive in time and is able to resist boys and girls. These dogs of calm nature will give a very good experience of keeping dogs in the family because of their personality.



Lhasa is one of the smallest dogs in nature which is great for small children. They are very quiet but they ensure the safety of their family and no stranger actually informs the family members. They usually live indoors and work like doorbells. Dogs of this breed usually do nothing but play. These games are great for crazy kids who like to play endlessly with dogs. They are more popular with kids of all ages for their size.



These dog breeds are great for families. They are so trustworthy at any cost they protect the kids and love them unconditionally. They like to have fun and are unusually enterprising. Even though it is a little difficult to take care of, it is very beneficial for children of all ages. Due to their small size, they are classified as toy dogs and naturally they have good company with children. That means they make great friendships with all of your kids.


Child friendly dog breeds- Samoyed-dog-on-wooden-terrace

Strong and malamute is this Samoyed dog that was sledged and worked in cold Siberian temperatures. Although they are calm in nature, they are also large in size. These breeds are suitable pets for families with large children. They have to exercise a lot, and hopefully they follow a lot. They get along very well with children of all ages because they are very calm and polite but because of their large size they are also unfriendly to small children.



A common idea among many children is that all dogs are Dalmatians. These dogs are very good for the family. They are very big, they protect the family when a stranger enters and they are calm and polite with the children. This dog breed is very strong, so they can play endlessly with naughty kids. They are a very useful dog for the family and can be easily trained. They also need proper exercise to keep them calm.

Springer Spaniel

Child friendly dog breeds- English-Springer-Spaniel-Dog

The Springer Spaniel is great for families with puppies. These dogs are very strong even in old age and they are suitable for mixing with children of all ages. Although they are sometimes aggressive, they are usually calm, polite dogs that can be kept together with the children of the family. They are very friendly dogs and they like to obey and obey, they are very easy to train and keep trained. They are usually very shy and often interact with other dogs or strangers around them.

Child and family friendly 5 small dog breeds


Beagles – Since the 1950s, the Beagle has consistently been ranked among the top 10 most popular breeds in the United States. One of the smallest members of this everlasting favorite Haba group, whose members rely on odors to find their queries. Although the exact origin of the beagle is unknown, the breed seems to have been a favorite companion and strong rabbit hunter for centuries.

Yorkshire Terriers:

Yorkshire Terriers – affectionately known as “Yorkshire”, the Yorkshire terrier is well known for its long, beautiful hair and has earned a reputation as a short but tough breed. The yorkie was originally used in rat hunting, and is a popular active pet that is considered a favorite “col dog”.


Poodles – For centuries this poodle has been one of the most popular dog breed in the world. It has been a symbol of elegance and luxury. The variety itself has a variety of classifications, including toy poodles (which weigh 10 pounds standing 10 inches below the shoulder) and miniature poodles (which stand 10 to 15 inches on the shoulder and weigh 20 pounds).

French Bulldogs:

French Bulldogs – A short, stiff and adorable small breed of dogs with their distinctive bat-like ears and roly-poly body, the adult French Bulldogs average 11 to 12 inches in shoulder length and weigh 17 to 28 pounds. The French have continued to be a valuable family colleague and another monarchical monarch for years.

Miniature Schnauzer:

Miniature Schnauzer – The Schnauzer is usually seen in three different shapes and is considered a tough companion as well as a guardian. With their classic beards and long eyebrows, its iconic look is easily recognizable around the world. Schnauzer historically was not only part of the family, but was also trained to chase rats and produce guards in the market.

At the end

If you have children at home, it is very important for them to choose the right dog for the child. Make sure the breed of dog you choose is suitable for children of all ages. And also make sure that the dog is good friends with your kids from the beginning. Doing so will ensure the creation of a lasting relationship between your baby and the dog where one will remain loyal to the other.

A good, loyal dog can be a good companion for you, your family and your kids.

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