Most Beautiful Places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a green country. There are so many things to visit in the country. In this country of rivers, canals and mountains, love is everywhere. Today’s blog is about some best places in Bangladesh. I hope you will get new information from this blog about beautiful places in Bangladesh. Hope your next Bangladesh travel will be a great journey. Be sure to share after reading the blog.

Best places in Bangladesh


Sundarbans is a natural mangrove forest in beautiful Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is the single largest natural mangrove forest in the world located in Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira districts of Bangladesh. This forest location is near the Bay of Bengal. This forest is about 601,700 hectares which is 4.13% of the area of beautiful Bangladesh. Sundari, Gewa, Keora, Pashur, Bain, etc. are the main tree species of this amazing forest.

Notable wild animals of this beautiful forest are Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Pig, Crocodile, Dolphin, Guisap, Python, Harial, Balihans, Gangchil, Egret, Madantak, Maralihans, Chakha, Eagle, Chil Masranga etc.

The key rivers blowing through this amazing forest Sundarbans are Pashur, Shibsa, Baleshwar, Rayamangal etc. Moreover, hundreds of canals are spread like a net in this beautiful forest of Bangladesh.


Not only forest resources this Sundarban forest is also a huge reservoir of fishery resources. Hilsa, Laitta, Churi, Poya, Rupchanda, Vhetki, Parse, Galda, Bagda, Chitra etc. are available.

The 139,700 hectares of Sundarbans consisting of 3 wildlife sanctuaries in the forest were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

The Sundarbans trekking season begins in October, which lasts until April although there is an opportunity to go there all year round. Traveling in the Sundarbans is different and unique than any other Bangladesh tourism. With the permission of the forest department, you have to travel here in accordance with their orders and prohibitions.

Cox’s Bazar amazing beauty of Bangladesh:

Best places in Bangladesh-Cox-Bazar

Best places in Bangladesh- Cox’s Bazar is the name of a fascinating beach with blue water and roaring of Bangladesh beauty. This amazing Bangladesh beach is the maximum beach in the world. Most of the tourists from Bangladesh come to visit this place.

The beach is the main fascination of Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. The most magnificent is Laboni beach. There is a clean environment and various facilities here. You’ll get easy chairs for sleeping beside the beach. Tea-coffee-dab-muri-nuts are all available here. Besides, there are speedboats, boats and horse riding arrangements.

Which is the most amazing city in Bangladesh to visit?

Cox’s Bazar is the best city of Bangladesh to visit.

What is the best things to do in Bangladesh?

Visit beautiful Bangladesh. Everywhere you’ll get green here. From Sundarbans (the largest mangrove forest in the world) to Cox’s Bazar (the largest sea beach in the world) what not there! Visit every beautiful area of Bangladesh to get more things to do.

Is Bangladesh safe country for tourists?

Yes! Bangladesh is safe for tourists of the world. There have political stability. Tourist police division manages security for tourists everywhere in this country.

Amazing beauty of Cox’s Bazar

The beauty of Inani beach a little further away is also admirable. There are big stones in the water. A long sea-drive on the way to Inani will definitely impress you. The mountains on one side of the road and the long beach on the other side will accompany you all the way.

Himachari can be seen on the way to Inani beach, there is a fascinating fountain here. There is a chance to see the view of Cox’s Bazar by climbing the stairs to the very high hill. You’ll find small markets and beautifully decorated beaches which are one of the major tourist attractions.

There are restaurants or food hotels near almost every residential hotel or motel. When visiting Cox’s Bazar, tourists are more attracted to the menu of different fish of the sea. Especially shrimp, rupachanda, and other interesting dried fish stuffs are more attractive to tourists. According to the food menu, there are different price lists in this restaurant. However, some of the lists currently set by the government have reassured food lovers.

St. Martin’s Island the Bangladesh tourist attractions:

Best places in Bangladesh- St. Martin’s Island is an area of unparalleled beauty of Bangladesh. There is a different feeling inside Bangladesh. St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh where there is a wonderful touch of blue water and blue of the sky. The Island is a small island of 17 sq km in the southernmost part of the mainland and 120 km from the district town of Cox’s Bazar. St. Martin is also called Coconut Ginjira in the local language. The island is one of the most popular travel spots in Bangladesh. The combination of the blue sky with the blue water of the sea, the rows of coconut trees have made this island great.

It is a small island in the southernmost part of Bangladesh, northeast of the Bay of Bengal, 9 km south of Teknaf upazila in Cox’s Bazar district. It is located 8 km west of the northwest coast of Myanmar at the mouth of the Naf River. The locals call it ‘Coconut Ginjira’.

Useful information about the Island

If you want to go to St. Martin, first you have to come to Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district. Teknaf can be reached directly by bus from Dhaka.

The ship usually runs for five months from November to March. If you go to a time other than this time, you have to go by trawler or speedboat. The rest of the time, except the winter season, the sea is rough, so travel is not safe at this time.

The most famous thing in St. Martin is the dab (coconut) which is both sweet and delicious. You should drink at least one coconut when you go to St. Martin. Who like to eat fish, St. Martin’s Coral, Sundari Poya, Hilsa, Rupchanda, Lobster, Kalachanda etc. are waiting with different types and flavors. And if you have the opportunity, you can try kura. (The native chicken is called Kura). There are also endless dried fish stocks like Laita, Churi, Rupchanda, Kachki etc. Local watermelons can be found when visiting St. Martin in January or February.

St. Martin has several well-appointed hotels and cottages for overnight stays. Many homes also have accommodation facilities for tourists.

Lalbagh Fort most beautiful place in Dhaka:

Best places in Bangladesh-Lalbagh Fort- Dhaka city
Lalbagh Fort

This is the only historical structure of Bangladesh during the Mughal period.  Different types of precious stone, marble stone and colorful tiles have been used simultaneously in this construction. Apart from Lalbagh fort, no other historical monument of Bangladesh has been found with such a combination till date. This fort of Dhaka draws a great attention thousands of domestic and foreign visitors almost every day.

Due to the location of the fort at Lalbagh in Dhaka, it has been named Lalbagh Fort. In the beginning the name of the fort was ‘Kella Aurangabad’.

The construction work of the fort started in 1678. Mughal Emperor Azam Shah started this fort construction.

Before the construction of the fort was completed, Emperor Aurangzeb called him to Delhi to put down the Maratha rebellion. As a result, after the construction of a mosque and a court hall, the construction of the fort stopped.

Nawab Shaista Khan came to Dhaka in 1680 and resumed the construction of the fort. However, after the death of Shaista Khan’s daughter Pari Bibi, the fort was considered a disaster and Shaista Khan stopped its construction in 1684 AD.

The architecture of this fort is interesting for many tourists.

Nilgiri Bangladesh tourist attractions:

About 50 km from Bandarban district headquarters; this tourist center is located at an altitude of 2200 feet above sea level. Tourists can touch the clouds from here. There are several resorts in this tourist center run by Bangladesh Army.

What not there? Nature seems to give pleasure to the mind with all its beauty. Apart from Nilgiris, Bandarban has many other places of interest including Bagalek, Chimbuk Hills, Nilachal, Shailprapat, and the Golden Temple on the top of the hill. Everything is worth watching.

The beauty of each is different. However, the beauty of the Nilgiris attracts more tourists. This hill is wrapped in a green sheet from the base of the hill to the top. Grapefruit, papaya, olive, mango, jackfruit, orange, banana, pineapple and guava forests have been cultivated by the hill ladies in the folded zoom cultivation method.

There are some interesting cottages named Meghdoot, Akashneela, Nilangana, Marma Raicha run by the army for spending the night in Nilgiris. For accommodation and overnight stay in these cottages with modern facilities, one has to contact the Bandarban Brigade Headquarters of the Army in advance.


Rangamati is reflection of the color of the fire in the mountains of Bangladesh, the waves of tears, the sway of laughter what not there in Rangamati. It is as if the fire of unrest is extinguished there; In the yellow-red fire, ashes-gray is dream-life, harmony is ruined. In the midst of all this, the colorful fire of the moment or the shock makes life joyful. Since ‘life is synonymous with rebellion, death is not the last word’, therefore, the plague of spring is not in the mountains. Because the color of the fire of the mountain is not so much red as it is red. Every season exists here in its own glory. The people of the hills, especially the tribals, are nature-intensive. Anyway, today’s text is the bright news of that colorful happiness. There are regular buses from Dhaka to Rangamati and Khagrachari.

The 3 hill districts are naturally beautiful. Even then Rangamati’s Subhalang, Kaptai Lake, Bilaichhari, Sajek, Hanging Bridge; Rishang Jharna, Apu Jharna, Devta Pukur, Alutila Cave of Khagrachhari are popular among tourists. Besides, you can have a good time by visiting any one village.

Sixty Dome Mosque:

The Sixty Domes Mosque, also known as the Sixty Domes Mosque, is one of the largest mosques. During the Sultanate period the building built. In 1442 construction of the mosque began. In 1459 the building completed.

There is no end to people’s interest in the number of domes of this mosque built by Khan Jahan Ali, the famous Islam promoter in the subcontinent. Some people think about the naming of this 600-year-old mosque, as it has no roof other than a dome, so it was called a ‘roof dome’ mosque. Sixty domes (Shaat Gamvuj) has come from the name roof dome. Tourists from home and abroad flock to see the mosque, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From December to March most tourists come here.


Srimangal can be an ideal place to roam. This place is famous for its rainfall. The highest rainfall in Bangladesh is here.

Srimangal Upazila, famous for its tea, is located in Moulvibazar district of Sylhet. This land of leaves and buds is surrounded by mountains and tea gardens and is always an ideal place for travelers. Srimangal, hugged in greenery, has the maximum tea garden in the world. There are pineapple and rubber plantations. The immense natural beauty of Srimangal, the capital of tea, and the roaming of animals captivate the eyes and the mind in an instant. On the north-west side of Srimangal, except for Hail Haor, the whole upazila is covered with tea gardens. As you visit through miles and miles of tea gardens, you will experience as if all the beauty of the world is in front of you.

A research center has been set up in the tea capital. The Bangladesh Tea Research Center is located just two kilometers from the main town of Srimangal. This place is best known as BTRI. This is the tea testing lab including tea manufacturing, research factory and the only herbal plant garden in Bangladesh. The natural environment of BTRI is captivating.

The Lauyachhara Rain Forest is located eight kilometers east of Srimangal. The sanctuary has various species of birds, pythons, wild roosters, deer and cats and bananas. Lauyachhara is an interesting place for bird lovers. CNG or autorickshaw can go to this forest in two ways.



Jaflong location is at the foot of the Khasia-Jainta hills near the Meghalaya border in India. This is an area of Gowainghat upazila in Sylhet division of Bangladesh. The distance from Dhaka to the place is about 297 kilometers and from Sylhet city it is 62 kilometers. Jaflong has a suspension bridge over the Indian port of Dauki. Besides, there is clear water and rocks in the mountain springs!



Bichnakandi, bordering Rustampur union in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet district, is very popular with tourists. The main attraction of Bichnakandi is the mountainous waterfalls of Meghalaya flowing over a vast rocky desert.



Best places in Bangladesh- Paharpur Buddhist Monastery is an ancient Buddhist monastery now in ruins. Sri Dharmapala Deva, the second king of the Pala dynasty, was building this monastery in the late eighth or ninth century. Sir Cunningham discovered this great feat in 1879. Its UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. If you want to spend some time outside the city life, you can easily visit Paharpur Buddhist Monastery.

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery has been a very famous Buddhist center for 300 years.  It’s reported that from different parts of the subcontinent people came here for knowledge. Even from China, Tibet, Myanmar (then Burma), Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., Buddhists used to come here to practice religion and acquire theology.

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery is located in Paharpur Union, Badalgachhi Upazila, Naogaon District. It’s about 10 km from Joypurhat city.



Puthia Temple is situated at Deopara, Kumarpur and Vijayanagar, 08 to 13 km west and northwest of Rajshahi city. The place that will attract the most tourists to Rajshahi is undoubtedly Puthia. King Pitambar was originally the establisher of the Puthia dynasty. He established his capital at Puthia in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. He dug a pond with the construction of several beautiful buildings. Rani Bhubanmoyi built the Bhubaneswar Shiva Temple in front of a huge reservoir (1823-1830). Puthiya’s Pancharatna Shiva Temple is one of the tallest and most towering Shiva temples in Bangladesh.

Puthia Palace is another historical tourist destination of Rajshahi region. Another name for this memorial pillar is Govinda Mandir. There are lakes on both sides of the buildings here. At present the main building is using as a college. There are graves of famous saint Shah Deula and many more Sufi saints here.


Sonargaon Bangladesh

The name Sonargaon originates from the ancient Subarnagram. Sonargaon was the administrative center of south-east Bengal from the establishment of Muslim rule in Bengal until the rise of Dhaka in 1810. Notable among the ancient architectural monuments of Sonargaon area are Khasnagar Dighi, Nilkuthi of Dulalpur, Goaldi Shahi Mosque, Aminpur Math, Damodardi Math, residential building of Panam Nagar, Bara Sardar Bari etc.

The village, spread over both banks of the Brahmaputra, was inhabited by a primitive people known as the ‘Gold-adorned’ people. They were traditionally adorned with gold ornaments irrespective of men and women. The town is believed to have existed during and probably before the Kurupandava war described in the Mahabharata.

The architectural monuments of Sonargaon are not in good condition. There are no monuments or ruins now that can be identified as the capital city of the Hindu period. There is only the deep muddy fun canal that surrounds the city area, which appears to be a trench dug to defend the city.

The historic city of Sonargaon is now just a name. Since the establishment of Dhaka city, Sonargaon has been losing its dominance and in the second half of the nineteenth century, Sonargaon has become a ‘deep forest covered village’.

Kuakata Beach:

Kuakata Beach

Best places in Bangladesh- Kuakata is located in Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. It is a beach in the southwest of the country. The specialty of this beach is that tourists can see the sunrise and sunset standing in the same place. The distance from Dhaka to Kuakata beach by road is 380 km and 108 kilometers from Barisal.

There is only one beach in South Asia that offers both sunrise and sunset. Undoubtedly, it is a matter of luck to watch the rising of the sun through the belly of the sea and the sight of the sun disappearing in the bosom of the sea. The name of this beach is Kuakata. This beach is the daughter of sea (Sagar Kanna). The beach is the second largest beach in the country.

Kuakata is a clean beach and much less noisy than Cox’s Bazar. For those who like a little secluded beach, Kuakata is the ideal place to visit in Bangladesh. Adjacent to the beach are rows and rows of coconut groves, Zhaoban, Ecopark, Buddhist temple, Lal Kakrar Char, Fatrar Char, Kawar Char, Lemur Char and a wide natural environment. One of the attractions here is the sea waves. When the waves come and crash on your feet, it seems that the softness has touched you. Then you will not want to avoid the insanity of soaking your whole body in the sea water at least once without knowing it.

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