China 5G bus is running on the road Driverless

If you want to know which country is ahead in technological innovation in the world, then China’s name comes without hesitation. Because, when the whole world is eager to launch 5G service in their respective countries, China has launched 6G Satellite as the first country in the world in space orbit. At a time when 5G has not been launched in many countries of the world, China is busy testing 6G.

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China has always been one of the leading countries in technological innovation. Following this, China has been launched 5G bus service in the country with high speed internet facility.

In early 2020, such a new technology bus was launched in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China. Earlier, Chinese technology maker Huawei tested a driverless car with 5G technology at a hospital in Thailand.

China 5G bus Facilities

It is known that 4K Live Television, VR Live and Ultra HD video can be seen sitting on the 5G bus. The video watched in virtual reality is being filed 200 kilometers away. There is a 360 degree camera technology placed in the driverless bus. Through this, passengers are getting new experience of technology facilities. Passengers say that the internet is running on 5G’s wireless without any hassle. This is how they express their happiness by getting new experience.

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Chao Xiu, a solution expert at China Telecom said residents of the area can watch Ultra High Definition live television on the wireless 5G Internets. They are also getting a chance to watch live footage from a panoramic camera set up in virtual reality.

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