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Keto diet side effects: There have been a lot of cases recently found where many people are resorting to the Keto diet to lose weight in a short time by watching the internet and YouTube without having the right idea about healthy diet; even many people are promoting it under the name of low carb diet. Keep in mind; this is a type of diet that can be experimentally applied to you for weight loss purposes. It’s a horrible act like pushing yourself to the brink of death.

In general, in a normal healthy food we have 55-60 percent of our daily energy needs from carbohydrates, 15-20 percent from protein and 25-30 percent from fats. But when a person follows the Keto diet, he takes 75 percent of his diet from fats, 20 percent from protein and only 5 percent from carbohydrates and sugars.

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The Keto diet is not really a healthy diet for the average person. Just as salt is forbidden for those suffering from high blood pressure, gluten-containing foods are forbidden for those suffering from thyroid disorders, just as in the case of therapeutic diet for epilepsy patients, this list of keto diets was sorted through research. The diet is made with high fat, high protein and low carbohydrates, excluding many essential food nutrients, keeping in mind the wellbeing of epilepsy patients. But after the discovery of certain drugs, it has been admitted that this diet is not acceptable; Research has shown that the side effects of the Keto diet include excess weight loss, as well as a variety of health complications.

 Keto diet side effects

The main food of the brain is sugar or glucose which is proven to give us energy to work throughout the day. Saying ‘no’ to these sugars when you are eating too much fat, to meet the need for sugar, burning excess fat and working against the body’s normal metabolism may break down your body’s accumulated fat in a short period of time and reduce weight; But fat burning after a certain period of time results in the formation of excess ketone bodies, which initially causes ketosis in the blood and later ketoacidosis, which damages the normal pH level of the blood.

Although the risk is low for the first two to three weeks after the start of the Keto diet, long-term Keto diet can cause dizziness, headaches, body tremors, and palpitations.

There are even some special symptoms, such as nausea, inattention to work, increased tendency to forget everything, decreased decision making, irritable mood or sudden anger, thirst for water throughout the day, and so on. Studies have shown that following this diet for too long increases your blood cholesterol, LDL, TG and increases your risk of stroke and heart disease.

In this case, due to high fat and protein intake, on the one hand, diarrhea, on the other hand, due to the low amount of fiber in the diet, constipation can occur.

More disadvantages of keto diet

In addition, people with fatty liver disease may have a weakened liver, as well as gallstones, pancreatic complications, decreased digestive energy, loss of skin radiance, and hair loss. As well as those who are pregnant, lactating mothers, have hormonal imbalance, suffering from arthritis, if they follow this diet, they will be at high risk. With start this diet unknowingly, many girls have menstrual problems and the risk of having a baby with reproductive system may be at risk later on. Lack of various nutrients disrupts the immune system, other dangerous side effects can occur.

Those who have kidney disease, they are forbidden to eat more than a certain amount of protein. When a healthy person consumes more of that protein than the body needs, it puts pressure on his kidneys. To take this pressure for a long time can lead to kidney stones and even kidney damage.

Without knowing the consequences of this diet, many diabetic patients stop taking diabetes medications for immediate benefit due to the reduction of sugar. The patient has to go to the ICU with keto acidosis after a certain period of time due to disruption in the normal metabolism of the body. There is no consistent clinical application of the current trend of weight loss with the Keto Diet.

The Keto diet initially results in weight loss, but later on, if you give up this diet, you gain more weight. No study has so far discovered how safe it is to follow a specific keto diet.

My humble request

My special request to you in this case is, without the advice of doctors and nutritionists do not follow the Keto Diet based on just a few videos on Facebook and YouTube. Instead, build a balanced diet rich in nutrients based on your body’s needs, as well as walking and exercise habits.

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