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Hello, Hope you’re well in this pandemic situation with your lovely family. Today I will discuss with you how to increase views of YouTube videos, that is, how to bring a video to the top rank. Many of us open YouTube channels to earn income online, but if the views do not come, then how will the income! But keep in mind that there is no money in the view. If the view will come, actually click automatically will come, this is normal. How much money you make from YouTube depends on how many clicks your video gets. So it is necessary to increase the views of YouTube videos. You know YouTube but the 2nd largest search engine and Google first. No.1. you need to know a lot and proper SEO for YouTube. If you do it wrong, everything is gone. But even if you don’t know SEO, you still follow my writings. It will work.

Keyword research for views of YouTube videos

We talk about increasing views and ranking, no matter which way you go, if you don’t do this research, you will fail at one stage or another.

keyword research for views-of-YouTube-videos
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There is KeywordPlanner for Keyword Research. Moreover, you can purchase paid tools available in the online market. The benefits of paying money you will get more.

Suppose we are working on “How to get more visitors on my website?” By the way, this is a video title. Then I went to KeywordPlanner and wrote the video title. Then the exact keywords will come out. From there, we will get the keyword that is more searched. 2-3 keywords are enough for 1 video.

Title for YouTube video

It is recommended to make the title interesting. The title should be given in such a way that it touches the mind of any person. For example, the title of the video we are discussing would be interesting. “Get huge visitors for your website organically. An effective way to get rank a website. How to rank a website?”

The title must include your main keyword. As I gave “rank a website.”

Description for YouTube video

The description should be very long. Try to give at least 400 or 500 words. Guess how your video might be searched and write in the form of a story. Sometimes you will put the keywords by tricks.

Many people use keywords to describe videos all at once. Ah, it’s not so much madness, great madness!

Wrong way E.g.

how to rank website

tutorial for website ranking

increase visitors

on page seo

off page seo for website ranking

Give it this right way e.g.-

By visiting my blog you can learn how to rank a website in right way. It’s a tutorial. If you follow my blog easily you can increase your web traffic. You can also learn how to do on page seo, off page seo for website. Please visit to know more tricks.

Tag for YouTube videos to get more views

Give the tag 5-7 on your video. The tags will be your chosen keywords. I am not responsible for what you want. But it will work very well. First go to this link Keep the tab open. This time someone else made a video like yours or it is very popular. Then click on the video. Now copy the video title. Go to rapidtags and paste.

You will get the tag they used from the bottom of the diameter work. Use tags in your videos from there. However, do not use all of their tags, use 60%. Use only those that match your video. Or it may be the opposite reaction for your video.

Social sharing to get Million views of YouTube videos

After uploading your videos start social sharing to get more views. There is no alternative of social media. Social media will help you definitely and instantly to get more views on your videos.  

Read more to-get-subscribers-on-youtube-fast

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