Kung Fu Tea Hours

It is the art of tea ceremony that came to the western countries from China. What is the meaning of kung fu tea in the original Chinese tea ceremony, which is still mysterious and incomprehensible to many?

Probably no country in the world has paid as much attention to the tea-drinking ceremony as the one that taught the whole world to drink tea consciously. The Chinese Tea Festival is a combination of philosophy and traditions, a heritage of centuries-old Oriental knowledge.

One of the most important ideological elements of the tea ceremony is the expression of respect for ancestors. With a lot of respect from the Chinese, a strict classification of society tea time, age and social status is respected.

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Chinese tea ceremony

Another meaning of the tea ceremony is the opportunity to reunite the family. In fact, fragrant tea is able to gather around the whole family, each member of which will enjoy the great taste of the drink. Drinking tea is the most important part of family gatherings in China. And such events ensure the preservation of family values ​​in traditional Chinese way of life.

Also, tea in China carries the meaning of forgiveness and gratitude. If you really want to express sincere gratitude, drink a well-brewed tea. And then present it as a gift to the right person. When you ask someone, you show remorse, humility, it is a symbol of a certain forgiveness and reconciliation.

Large traditional themed weddings are not complete without a tea ceremony. With the help of tea, the family of the bride and groom get to know each other. The tea unites them with each other. Each member of the family gets his cup of tea. And the consent of the bride symbolizes the consent of the bride and groom.

A real Kung Fu tea ceremony hours

A real Kung Fu tea ceremony lasts at least an hour and sometimes about two hours. During the ceremony, you cannot be distracted by the outside world in order to fully enjoy the contemplative atmosphere and aroma of the tea. So that physical discomfort does not prevent you from enjoying tea, experienced masters do not recommend burdening the body with plenty of food before the ceremony. However, drinking tea on an empty stomach is not recommended. Light dinner is enough

At the end of the tea ceremony you will feel deeply calm, relieve tension by matching the philosophical mood. You’ll get truly unforgettable impressions and emotions.

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