Do You Need To Turn Off Wifi Calling On Any Smartphone?

Today’s blog I’ve discussed you new topic, How to Turn off WiFi calling. In this context, I will tell you in simple word ‘’turn off WiFi calling”. So let’s find out how to do today’s turn off.

What’s up guys back again with another blog Article this one real quick for anybody that has a Smartphone and you use a carrier that supports Wi-Fi calling and you like to turn that off maybe for a couple of reasons like. You have a weak Wi-Fi connection or you don’t use Wi-Fi as much. Just like I don’t and so you would like to turn it off. You want to use your mobile network for calls instead of the Wi-Fi. Let’s See How to Turn off WIFI any phone and you can try it.

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How to Turn off WIFI Calling on Any Mobile phone

So here’s: How to Turn off this feature on Any Mobile Phone. How you do it. “Scroll Down” “Swipe Down” I’m sorry. Swipe Down on your status bar and on your left hand corner. It should say the carrier that you are using and Wi-Fi calling.

If it is turned on which, it is by default once you get to that you “click on” that and then it should take you to your SIM and Network Settings.

Once you get there you make sure you check which SIM you on which seem like. You have your carrier SIM card and for me the same number same slot one with my t-mobile SIM card in it.

You click on that and then right scroll down a little bit and then you will see it says voLTE. Which is turned on now right underneath that it says Wifi calling and there’s a toggle for on and off.

Now you can either completely How to Turn off WIFI Calling. Just like I do it right here or you could have it turned on but you can click on calling preference and then select Wi-Fi preferred or mobile preferred. Which I do not depending on which network you want to use for calls.

What can WiFi calling actually do?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like WiFi calling aint for me either, and it’s been a long time coming. This is now the telephone that we used to use with the line…WiFi calling removes us from the network.

How does the technology work?

Do you know how Does WiFi calling work. The way we know the work is a very simple method if you are using an old lane line phone. Then of course you will understand that This is a special way to communicate with someone nearby. And this method is especially in trend at the present time.

How to turn off this feature in another smartphone?

1. Tap Settings from the app drawer.

2. Tap Network and Internet. For Samsung phones running Android 8.1 and below, tap on Connections. Motorola phones running Android 9 Pi will tap WiFi calling after network and internet.

3. Tap Mobile Network.

4. Tap Advanced.

5. Tap WiFi calling.

6. Slide the toggle switch to turn off.

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