Uncontrolled advances in science and technology

As is often seen in science fiction, automated technology has become increasingly risky for human civilization. But in the end, will nanotechnology, biological weapons, and computers be the cause of human destruction? Scientists say the matter is moving in the same direction day by day. Uncontrolled advances in science and technology can be a major cause of danger.

The Center for the Study of Extensive Risk, or CSER, has begun research at Cambridge University on the risk of destruction of human civilization due to uncontrolled advances in science and technology. It is led by the British astrophysicist Martin Rees.

The way to escape from this is to spread to human planets. Only then will the rapid advancement and development of nanotechnology be useful. As a result disaster can be avoided. The famous astrophysicist Martin Ridge has said the same in his book Hour Final Century. Uncontrolled advances in technology may lead the planet to ruin, or it may lead to extinction. Any one of these will inevitably happen. That will determine the future of mankind. The development of nanotechnology, radical violence and the destruction of the biosphere in the advancement of technology are leading us to a deadly cultural catastrophe.

To prevent the extinction of mankind, British astronomer Rees’s advice is to control the spread of scientific research and the results of research around the world. Rees involved in the nuclear disarmament movement to avoid catastrophic catastrophes. Still, he says, these weapons are not as dangerous as the uncontrolled advancement of dangerous technology. The matter will become apparent in the next 20 years. In order to survive this danger, we have to spread in space as soon as possible. Otherwise destruction will become inevitable. We are actually in technical adolescence.

Political leaders around the world is discouraging people in good path

When the younger generation is desperate to go to Mars, the arbitrariness and medieval behavior of powerful political leaders around the world is discouraging people. The advancement of technology has come a long way compared to cultural development. Therefore, the political leaders of the old ideology do not understand the usefulness of using such mechanical facilities. As a result, the younger generation is facing mental retardation.

The late astrophysicist Carl Sagan also said decades ago that we need to increase our efforts to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations in order to survive. The journey to the planet is urgent. But many oppose it, saying it is a kind of economic and intellectual waste. They also say that if someone from the planet is strong, they can find us and occupy or destroy us. It is a reflection of our backward mentality. When it comes to costs, the cost of building a modern warship, such as the Destroyer, can easily be used to carry out a decade-long search for extraterrestrial life.

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As a result, the CSER Research Center has been set up to avoid the risk of such catastrophes. Researchers are working on biotechnology, nanotechnology, and the dangers of climate change to human civilization. The CSER project is being led by Huw Price, a professor of philosophy at Cambridge University, Martin Rees, a professor of cosmology and astrophysics, and Jaan Tallinn, a co-founder of Skype. In an interview, Professor Price said that the situation suggests that at some point in the next century, the idea of ​​surpassing humans in terms of machine intelligence is not a fantasy.

Researchers show the bad effect of advanced technology

Uncontrolled advances in science- Researchers have also considered possible robot revolts. “It’s time to dump her and move on,” they said. Although it is difficult to determine the extent of such risks, it is time to raise awareness. The artificial intelligence robots of the evil nature shown in the famous movie Terminator movie can be a cause of danger for humans. In addition, the computer network system called ‘Skynet’ in the film could become a threat to human existence if it is created in reality.

Jaan Tallinn thinks that the more intelligent robots and computers are than humans, the more our reliance on compassion will increase. The Terminator image is a battle between man and machine or computer. How the Skynet program created by the US military became intoxicated with destruction. This fear is not of today, of many days. Authors of science fiction have been showing this fear to people for a long time. Will Smith’s 2004 film, Robot, also shows how computer programs are trying to hold people hostage. In fact, we have created a path of self-destruction to secure ourselves.

So researchers at the University of Cambridge, known as the best school in the world, have started working directly on the subject. They want to know if technology will ever destroy human civilization. Although its severity is difficult to measure at the moment, the risk is so high that it raises concerns, the researchers wrote on the CSER Center’s website.

Before and after with our technology

In ancient times, after a few generations of people settling in one area, they would move to another area for the purpose of establishing new settlements. Similarly, the present generation has become restless after the unveiling of the whole world. They want to settle in the new location.

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Although astrology is currently a beacon of imagination for the Third World, it is our destination; That future is painted in the 1960s by Soviet astronomers. Astronomer Martin Rees expressed this optimism in his 2010 Reth Lectures broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Because the leaders of multinational companies like Amazon, SpaceX are coming forward to go on a star or Mars. The Falcon Nine rocket, which successfully launched a payload into space, is a start. But without a combination of biology, culture and technology, long-term settlement in space will not only be difficult, but mankind’s own interrelationships will not be good.

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