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KM Mosharraf Karim- Mosharraf Karim (born 22 August 1971) is a Bangladeshi actor, his first tv drama “Atithi“. He has also acted in Bengali films. His first acting film was Jayayatra. He later plays role in Rupkothar Golpo (2006), Daruchini Dip (2007), Third Person Singular Number (2009), Projapati (2011), Television (2013), Jalaler Golpo (2015), and Aggatonama (2016), Komla Rocket (2018).

He won the Meril-Prothom Alo Award for Best Male TV Actor for his performance in “Deyal Almari” in 2008, “Jorda Jamal” in 2012, and “Sei Rokom Cha Khor” in 2013. Mosharraf also got Meril-Prothom alo award for “Housefull” in 2009, “Chader Nijosho Alo Naie” in 2011, “Sikander Box Ekhon Birat Model” in 2013, “Sei Rokom Paan Khor” in 2014, and “Sikander Box Ekhon Nij Graame” in 2015 for Best Male TV Actor in a Star Survey. In 2015, he was awarded for his role in Jalaler Golpo film at the 19th edition of the Avanka Film Festival in Portugal.

Early life of Mosharraf Karim

Mosharraf Karim was born on 22 August 1971 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His ancestral home is in Barisal. In an interview with the Bangladeshi English daily Daily Star, he said that his acting skills were come out in his school theater. He passed secondary in 1986. Since then, his love for acting has taken on another dimension and he has joined Tariq Anam Khan’s Natyakendra Manchadal. He is still a member of this troupe.

Acting life

Television– Mosharraf Karim came to the small screen in 1999 by acting in the drama Atithi, Director Ferdous Hasan and aired on Channel I. His true path in drama started from 2004. In 2004, he acted in two dramas, which established him as a persevering character in the acting world. He starred opposite Tisha in the famous telefilm “Karam”. From then on, he started acting in various dramas and mega-series. In 2008, he acted in the drama “Deyal Almari”.

He starred in his first mega-series 420 aired on Channel I. Mosharraf then acted in the popular serial Bhaber Hat, Ghar-Kutum. He is also the hostage, Dui Rustam, Antnagar, Flexiload, Out of Network, 420, Thua, City Life, Behind the Scene, Tala, Shunno, Jhamela Unlimited, jomoj, etc. Mosharraf acted in Foul, Jantakal dramas and telefilms. He also acted in Average Aslam aired on Banglavision, Kid Solomon aired on Baishakhi, Talwar aired on RTV and Chance Master aired on another channel.

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Mosharraf Karim Movies

Mosharraf Karim has acted in films as well as dramas. In 2004, he played the role of a Moira in the film Joyjatra by Taukir Ahmed based on a novel by Amjad Hossain. This is his first film.

In 2006, he again acted in “Rupkothar Golpo” directed by Taukir Ahmed. In this film, he played the role of a pickpocketer.

The following year, he starred in “Daruchini dip“, based on the novel “Daruchini dip” by popular fiction writer Humayun Ahmed.

In 2009, he starred opposite Nusrat Imroz Tisha in Mostafa Sorayar Farooqi’s Third Person Singular Number.

Released in 2011, “Prajapati” Mosharraf Karim played the lead role in the film. In this film directed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raj, he acted opposite Mausumi.

In 2013, he acted in a television movie directed by Mostafa Sorayar Farooqi. He later acted in the popular film Jalal’s story directed by Abu Shahed Emon.

In 2016, he played the role of a police officer in the fourth film, “Aggatonama”, directed by Taukir Ahmed. The following year, he played the role of fisherman Badiuzzamal in the film “Halda” directed by Taukir.

Directed by Nur Imran Mithu, Kamala Rocket was screened at the 49th edition of the traditional Indian International Film Festival in Goa. He was nominated for Best Comedian at the 42nd National Film Awards for his performance in the film, but declined the award, claiming that the character was not a comedian.

Brand ambassador

In February 2016, Mosharraf was appointed as a brand ambassador for Durable Plastics Limited, a subsidiary of RFL, Bangladesh’s leading manufacturer of household plastics and furniture products.

Family life of Mosharraf Karim

Mosharraf Karim married Robena Reza Jui on October 7, 2004. Jui is also an artist. Their only child is Roben Ryan Karim.

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