Swasti is a safe food provider of Bangladesh

Ratan tata says, “Eat your food as your medicine otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food.”

What are the poisons in our daily diet?

Formalin fishes,

Growth hormones and formalin in the fruit,

Growth hormones and antibiotics in the flesh,

Vegetables pesticides and colors,

Urea and wax in rice,

Urea in Muri,

Insecticides and colors in Pulses,

Chemical and color in oil,

Colors and preservatives in Condiments, jams, jelly, Packet foods contain various chemicals and colors.

Why is food and crop poison used?

Due to the four main reasons, poison is used in food and crops—

Looks fresh, does not rot does not catch insects, the buyer likes, and prices are relatively low.

If it is faster, the yield is higher, the waste is less.

Everything is available throughout the year, though not in season. Those who do business in poison and rich in society do not eat poisonous foods.

What is going on eating poisoned food?

Kidney-liver-heart-lung damage, cancer and tumor-like diseases are spreading.

People are suffering from acute illness, disease prevention is decreasing and the cost of day-to-day treatment increases.

The ability of the baby to decrease, the pregnant mother and the baby’s life are endangered, normal birth, and the rate of birth of crippled and infirm children is increasing. Damage to rivers, soil, water, air, vegetation-animals and animals are harmed.

How is it possible to release from poison?

The government will not do anything. So the consumer will have to come first. To make a habit of changing lives a little. You have to understand if there is no food poison food is easily worn and decayed. To look a little worse the price is a little higher but try to buy poison free food.

Farmers will come forward if the consumer comes forward. If the consumer increases, the farmers will increase the production of poison free crops, the prices will also decrease. It is not possible by one day it is not possible for a person. But for us to survive, everyone will have to come forward to save the children.

What is the Swasti doing?

Safe food provider- Collecting poison free food from farmers of different places of the country encourages farmers to produce poison free crops and food. Every day swasti supplies rice, pulse, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, milk, oil-paste and fruits to consumers. With the cooperation of the consumer wants to expand its activities.

How to get Swasti products?

Safe food provider- Coming to the retail sales center, you can buy from 8am to 8pm every day.

Sales Center Address: 138, Sher Sha Shuri Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.

If you are near to the street, you may call for home delivery. Then the product will be delivered.

What will be in the product list?

Rice and dal,




Egg and milk,





Eat safe food enjoy happy life….

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