Must Visit Places in Perth, Western Australia For The 1st Time Visitors

Must Visit Places in Perth- Tourism in the Western Australia is restricted due to corona pandemic. We hope that these restrictions will be lifted very soon as the world is fighting against the COVID-19. Perth is the capital city of WA and a heaven for the tourists.

Due to this pandemic, it is said that economy of Australia is struggling as there are many travel restrictions and Australia receives a lot of foreign tourists due to its many tourist attractions. It is said that tourism operators are struggling in this situation and on daily basis 42 jobs are lost as tour operators are not able to afford to keep the workers anymore when there is no tourism in the state.

But when these restriction will be lifted, as a first time tourist to Perth, WA, you should visit these top tourist attractions in Perth, WA.

Kings Park

This is hot favorite tourist attraction for every age. You will see that at Kings Park, kids are enjoying and playing different games, adults and youngsters are also spending their time there in the Kings Park and you will also see that senior citizens are enjoying the view of Sawan River from the park.

Kings-Park- Places in Perth, Western Australia

Kings Park is one of the largest inner city parks of the world and it is estimated that each year around 6 million people visit Kings Park. So, as a first time tourist, you should visit this place in Perth.

Western Australian Museum


Those tourists who wanted to know the old culture, history and lifestyle of the people of Perth must visit the WA museum. The museum was built in 1891 and now they are making a new museum for the people. You can visit the museum from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. You can easily reach the museum from any part of the Perth by hiring a Perth Maxi Taxi.

Caversham Wildlife Park


Australia is famous for the Kangaroos. Many foreigners love to see the Kangaroos when they visit Australia. So, as a first time visitor, you also must visit Caversham Wildlife Park where you can find a lot of Kangaroos and many other animals at one place.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe-Beach- Must Visit Places in Perth

If you like swimming, snorkeling or surfing, then Cottesloe Beach is one of the top spot for you in Perth, Western Australia. The special thing of this beach is that it has an area of more than 1 kilometer of pure white sand. Don’t miss the opportunity to dine while witnessing the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Sculpture by the Sea outdoor exhibition in the month of March is also an event that you should join if you are there in Perth.

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Swan Bell Tower

Swan-Bell-Tower- Must Visit Places in Perth

Swan Bell Tower is also called only the Bell Tower and it is a gift from London to Western Australia. You can see the 18 hanging bells that are made from copper and glass. The hanging bells in the Swan Bell Tower, belongs to Church of St Martin. This bell tower is in the center of the city and you can hire a taxi from Perth Maxi Cabs to visit this place that was built in the year 2000.

Though, there are so many other tourist attractions are there, but these are some of the must visit places in the Perth for the first time visitors.

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