Otterhound puppies information

No precise information is available on the source of the Otterhound. It is only known that the dog was first spotted in the twelve century. The Otterhound breed, which is considered to be the homeland of England, has enjoyed interest from the royal court for centuries. The name of the breed translates as “Otter Hound”.

Elizabeth I and other people of royal blood could not have imagined going hunting without this wonderful creature. These include the dog’s talent, speed and insight, and the subtlety of the scent. This feature enables dogs to identify otter trails even 8 hours after they arrive at the scene.

Breed information

Otterhound size and height: Males are approximately 27 inches tall and weigh average 115 pounds. Females are approximately 24 inches and weigh average 80 pounds. Lifespan is 10-13 years. The character of this breed is hardworking, friendly, balanced. They are used as hunters.

One of the strange abilities of the dog is its ability to hunt in water and even under water. Otter no doubt, but after a few hours of running, the dog will catch his target. In the middle Ages, this breed was widely spread as a hunter. It proved to be extremely popular.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the British government banned the otters. Fortunately, fans of the breed began breeding dogs. Through their efforts, this breed was saved and grew. Otterhounds are popular in the world today.

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