Pahela Baishakh- Baishakhi decoration

Pahela Baishakh

Baishakh is a festival without communal-ism. It is the only life festival of Bengal where people gather together without religion, caste discrimination, take a new year. And to choose the white-red color of the day, everyone chooses. In order to welcome the Bengali New Year most of the people wear red-white clothes. The crowd gathered in small and large shopping centers and village fair. Panta Ilish, red-white sarees and panjabi all make themselves fresh. Want to have a nice cosmetic to make more beautiful with sarees and favorite clothes. Today’s arrangement of life of Baishakh is arranged for us today’s Baishakhi decor and Baishakhi decoration.

Baishakhi woman fashion 

Pahela Baishakh- On the first day of the new Bengali year, the beauty of the mind and Belly flowers necklace on the head. Many people are worried about the heat and sweat of this day dressing up…Because if the makeup is out from face after being ablaze then the joy of the festival is gone completely dark. So this day should have to be lighter makeup. Apart from it, the makeup day and evening makeup will be different. The beauty of this festival is the touch of the Bengalis. Makeup should be enormous as it is sunny in the morning. Dark makeup is absolutely incompatible at this time. Water pressure should be due to the heat…So that the sweat does not get spoiled. Light makeup can be chosen for daytime decoration.

If you want to clean the face, the ice can be scratched. Then there must be sunscreen. Wait a few minutes with a little bit of the Mouth Foundation to smooth the whole face. On top of this, you will have to take the sunscreen face powder; the foundation will be well set. Adapting to the color of the dress, the eye shadow should be adapted. Using Matte Shadow in daytime will look good. It should be kept in mind that every shadow of Shades is well-grounded. Kajal or the Eye liner can be used to tweak a bit this day. Different color kajal pencils have become quite popular in line with the color of the dress. Different colors of Kajal can also be used. But be careful that the cage does not seem to be incompatible.

In the end, the light squeezing of the eyes will be finished. And of course, waterproof mascara and eye liner will be used. Before lipstick is applied, lipstick will be filled with lipstick with the same color lip line.

The hairstyle will depend on clothing. The hair can be embroidered in belly puffs with a sari, keeping the hair full of one hand. Those who have long hair; they can prolong the belly bracelet. Those whose hair is short, they can put flowers with hair clips.

The big tip, hand carved glass bracelet, necklace, oxidize; pearl jewelry and light pail on the forehead will be full.

Evening makeup should be different. In the evening makeup will have to scratch a little ice in the face. With Foundation, you need to mix well with your mouth, throat, neck and neck. The consular can be used to cover facial defects. After that the foundation will be installed with face powder.

Adapting to the color of the clothing, eye shadow should be put in shape. The dark makeup fits better in the eyes of the night. Any color airliner can be used in blue, green, golden or silver colors with a different color contrast suit. A few quotes can be applied to the cats. Natural, brown, pitch or pink lipstick will look good if eye makeup is dark.

Baishakhi decoration

Pahela Baishakh- The tradition of wearing white-red sarees has now come in different colors. Apart from Red-White, Baishakh has also taken some more colors. Preparing for the first day of the year is not the end of the people’s preparation. She started preparing herself to make herself attractive to the girls, wearing white sari-red. Boys are not lagging behind in different ways in Punjabi.

At the Baishakhi festival, young people have the highest priority in the fashion of red-headed. The Baishakhi Festival is now colorful in different colors due to the color of the Baishakh. Sari is the first choice of Bengali woman in Baishakhi fashion for a long time. As well as the three-piece, fatua, Punjabi also has their Baishakhi fashion list. The boy’s triumph of Punjabi-Duti in almost all of Baishakhi fashion is found. Along with this, Fatuah and T-shirts are also in the list of fashion conscious Bangali Babu’s preferred list.


Keeping in mind the needs of all the local fashion houses, accordingly, the garment makers have arrange according to their sale centers. Not only the costly fashion houses, but also small shops arrange them in the center of Baishakh.

Pahela Baishakh- In keeping with Baishakh’s intense heat and warmth, fashion houses have more emphasis on cloth making garments. Linen, soft georgette, half silk etc are also used in clothing. Apart from this, the dresses of Baishakh are being run in most different types of prints. Bloc Print, Screen Print, Batik, General Print etc. The popularity of the print is more. Apart from it, there is also Appicon, handwork, etc.

Happy Baishakh!!!

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