Five ways to be happy and positive in life

Ways to be happy- International Happiness Day is being celebrated on 20th March in many countries of the world. If you do not get that feeling completely, do not worry, you can know how to be a happy one.

Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology at Yale University in the US, said, “Being happy is not such a thing that it has happened like this. You have to become skilled by practicing it. She specially emphasized how to forget how bad or sad things will be. In 317-year history of Yale, the class ‘Psychology and Happy Life’ is the most popular course, where 1,200 students have their own names breaking down the university’s enrollment records.

She said that science has proved that to be happy, continuous efforts have to be made. It’s not an easy job, so time is needed. But it is possible. Below are the top tips from Professor Santos.

Make a list of achievements

Ways to be happy- Students are said to create such a list, which they consider themselves to be in life. This list can be done once a day or at least once a week. She said that it sounds quite common, but we have seen, the student who practices these regularly, they are happier than others.

Stay up and sleep better

Prof Santos says that the challenge here is to sleep for at least eight hours every night and it should be seven nights of the week. It is difficult for many to achieve this common point of view. More sleep reduces the chances of depression and creates a positive attitude within you.


Meditate at least 10 minutes daily, every day of the week. Santos says that when he was a student, regular meditation made sense of feeling good inside him. Now she is a professor. She cited examples of some of the students’ research, and said how to make meditation and full attention-grabbing activities become happy.

Spending more time with family and friends

According to Santos’ data, recent studies have found that having a wonderful time with family and friends makes people happy. Spending time with people as we like – or ‘personal good relation and social contact’ creates a joy and comfort among the people, which in fact makes them better.

Santos says it is very important for people not to be happy about time. Many times we understand assets, how much money we can earn. But research says that the wealth is actually much more involved in time, how much time we are actually getting for ourselves.

Increasing communication between social and time

Professor Santos said that social media can sometimes give us a sense of false happiness, but be careful not to get into it. Recent research has said that people who use social media more like Instagram are less happy than those who do not use them much.

So if you want to be really happy in life, start by calculating the receipt, give a nice sleep at night, take away the mind from the scattered situation, and spend more time with the people you like, and break from social media for a while. If these methods come in handy to the Yale University students, then it can also be useful for you.

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