Pointer dog pointing

Pointer dog breed characteristics information:Many centuries ago, it first appeared in Spain. Sometime later the dogs were brought to England. Here they mixed with other well-known breeds, gradually acquiring the characteristics of modern dog pointers.

The verb “to point” gave the species its name. And there were good reasons for that. English Pointer It has been used since the 17th century when foxes, rabbits and rabbits preyed on the animal as a prey to packs of greyhounds and the sharp smell of pointers was found invisible.

The dogs were able to easily sense the scent of a bird hiding in the bushes or grass. The hunter was informed of his position with a certain point, frozen in a characteristic position. Pointers of true hunting dog breeds they only worked smoothly in warm weather. This was in Scotland and in the north of England where Spaniels and Setters were often bred for reasons of not using dogs too much.

Gun dog Pointer

With the invention of firearms pointers have become more and more known as gun dogs. As always, however, these creatures were famous not only for their patience, strength and nature, but also for their knowledge, joyful grace, as well as for the true aristocracy and musicians. These are often characteristic of British breeds of dogs.

Several historical sources point to the dangerous breed and aggressive nature of the previous pointers. But the situation was rectified in the last century after they were deliberately overrun with setters, and each new generation of dogs became more affectionate and loyal to humans.

This breed of dog became popular among city dwellers in the twentieth century, due to the skill of pointers to become accustomed to the conditions of city apartments. And for the justice and peace of these dogs, their love for children won many human hearts. As well as they’re creating respect and interest among dog lovers towards this breed.

Pointer dog variety description and quality requirements

These dogs, as a rule, of medium size, reach a dry height of about 34 to 65 cm and males are naturally larger than the female specimens.

You can easily verify the dog pointer photo that it is possible in the representatives of this breed as one-color: different tones green, red, coffee or simply black; and bi-colored, where basically all of the above scales appear by adding piled shades.

Among the dog breeds of this breed, there are representatives with others. Often quite interesting, among which are combinations of color combinations. These include, for example, the Auvergne pointer.

The color of this type of dog can be gray-gray. Sometimes white with black spots. Physicians testified that the animal’s ancestors were from France. Dogs were bred in the province of the same name; it was related to the Gascon discipline. Later was able to improve the breed with the British pointer.

Pointer is a great hunter

Sensitive, short and glossy coats fit easily into the body of the pointers. On the body, neck and tail it can be slightly longer than other places and reach 13 centimeters. The animal’s head is long, the skull is longitudinal from the forehead, brows holes develop; the puzzle is straight, the nose is usually slightly up; the lower jaw is slightly shorter than the upper.

Pointer ears should be long, flattened opposite the cheeks and fall under the cat according to breeding standards; the nose is a shade of reddish-brown; Lips developed in the corners of the face form skin pockets.

The neck, back and waist of animals are stiff and muscular; Deep chest and toned abdomen characterize this breed; and the tail, thick at the beginning, long and taping towards the edges. Strong slender legs allow dogs to achieve great speed; the claws are oval with thick pads on the long fingers.

A pointer puppy depicted

Pointer owners often point that they are friendly and quick-witted dogs, deeply seeking healthy competition with their peers. These national dogs, as a rule, are deeply attached to their owners and become immutable, supportive and supportive only in difficult moments for them.

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