Suddenly popular BiP Messenger app

Users of Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp are upset over changes to their security policy. Many have even deleted the app from their Smartphones. For the same reason, there is a rush to join the Turkish Messenger app BiP all over the world for the safe feature.

It is known that the number of users of this app in Turkey is increasing by minimum 2 million every day. TurkCell, is Turkey’s largest state-owned telecom company. It is the leading mobile phone operator based on Istanbul in Turkey. The company is the maker of the secure messaging app (BiP Messenger system). Launched in 2013 BiP has gained tremendous popularity in 192 countries over the past few years.

The general manager of TurkCell said that 6.5 million users have left WhatsApp and joined BiP. BiP has emerged as a safe haven in the current environment. We are moving forward with the telegram.

Note that BiP can also exchange pictures, video and audio media messages with chat on the messenger of the operating system’s smartphone. Currently, the app has more than 50 million users worldwide.

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Is BiP Messenger safe?

Yes. Your messages on BiP are encrypted if your backup feature is on. If your back up feature is turned off, your messages will be deleted after a certain time automatically. All communication between your Phone device and the servers are encrypted and safe. All communication is securely transmitted.

Is BiP free system app?

Answer is positively yes. BiP to BiP Messaging is fully free. However, Wi-Fi/Data connection is necessary to access BiP Messenger.

Though BiP Messenger App is safe and fully free modern technology there are some rumor in terms of this tech that this system is not safe than WhatsApp. Maybe it’s a commercial promotion that BiP is safe, secured and more user friendly. However, users can use the app or not. It’s completely on users mind.

Download the BiP app for a review.

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