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There is an old history of human friendship with this most dominant creature in the world. Studies have shown that humans have been friends with dogs since ancient times, when people did not understand what a friend was. Although many people are scared to see this animal on the street, but love for human beings like this animal is not possible for any other animal.

But not all breeds of dogs are friendly. This includes dogs of a violent or aggressive breed. However, if you caress them, they also easily accept themselves as human pets. Let me tell you about the ten most powerful dogs in the world.

Tibetan Mastiff

Now let’s come to the most powerful dog in the world, the dog whose name is Tibetan Mastiff. They have been known to guard Tibet for a long time. They can be kept at home. This dog with quite large soft fur is impeccable as a companion. They can do anything for family members at the risk of their lives. But this species is aggressive towards strangers; it will bite any stranger if it is a little sideways.

Their ears are V-shaped, usually with brown eyes and broad heads. It is not possible to keep them in a flat / apartment due to their large size. They need a lot of open space to keep them. They are more alert in the morning and evening.

This dog breed needs regular exercise. According to dog researchers, it is better to exercise with family members. And while walking, you must tie the dog with a rope and keep it under control. If they suddenly get angry, there is no escape. They have to be trained from a very young age, there is no benefit in getting a little older. Research has shown that they cannot tolerate unwanted quarrels, fights and noise at home.

They get bored easily when they don’t get anything to work for. This breed gets angry a little bit, and then barks loudly. So children should not be left with them.

Temperament: Independent in nature, intelligent

Height: Male at least 26 inches, female at least 24 inches

Weight: Males 90-150 lbs, females 80-120 lbs

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Kangal Shepherd

Dogs of the Kangal breed mainly live in Turkey. Their body bones are quite large. The size of the head is also much larger than the body. Dogs of this breed are able to develop strong resistance against predators. In addition to being large in size, their tails are slightly curved.

They are a hardworking breed of dog. In Turkey they are called Kangal Shepherds. Above the skin, their bodies are covered with two layers of hair. The ears are quite large in size. They are usually black, and the body is gray.

They are perfect as children’s playmates. This dog breed is slightly calmer in nature than other large dog breeds. However, when they see predators, they become aggressive. They also have infinite courage with tremendous strength. The joints of their jaws are their main strength.

Temperament: Brave, calm, faithful, independent

Height: Male 30-32 inches, female 27-30 inches

Weight: Male 110-145 lbs, female 90-120 lbs

Lifespan: 12-15 years

American Pit Bull Terrier

Anyone who sees this breed of dog can imagine the amount of energy they have. But the good news is that they are very friendly with children. However, it is true that you have to spend a lot of time with them and give them proper training. Otherwise, bringing them home will not be the right decision in my opinion. By nature, they are proving to be a bit violent.

They are regularly seen participating in almost all types of hard-working competitions, including bearing. They are ready to give their lives for the owner if they can be tamed with training.

These are fairly intelligent dog breeds. They can learn anything very quickly. It is not right to take them in a crowd. There is a possibility of becoming aggressive. Without proper training, they cannot be called good friends.

Temperament: Confident, intelligent, and somewhat aggressive

Height: Male 18-19 inches, female 16-18 inches

Weight: Male 55-70 pounds, female 40-55 pounds

Lifespan: 12-16 years

Dogo Argentino

Dogo is number 4 on the list of 10 strongest dogs. They are found in Argentina. This strong white dog is very good at hunting. They are more commonly used in prey-centric competitions. They can show courage in any danger. Although they have muscular body structure, they have more energy in their head and neck. Their sense of smell and lung power is also much higher than other dogs. They can easily cross long distances, even in adverse climates and bad roads.

However, their arrival did not come naturally to the earth. Argentine researcher Dr. Agustin Martinez gave birth to this species in 1928 through artificial insemination. However, it took 1973 to get the approval. It was born to help the defense forces. This species is doing its job quite successfully.

Temperament: Friendly, cheerful

Height: Male 24-27 inches, female 23.5-26 inches

Weight: 80-100 lbs

Lifespan: 9-15 years

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The next place is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog breed. They are found in mountainous Caucasian regions. Many also call them the kings of this region. Due to the geographical reasons, its bones are very hard and the upper layer of skin is somewhat thick and much larger than normal in shape. Their main responsibility is to protect cattle from bears and foxes in the Caucasian region.

In addition to strong physical strength, their hearing is much higher than other species. They can adapt to any kind of environment very naturally. However, as they are more violent by nature, they cannot be kept at home. After a very long period of training, of course, they can be brought together in the society and kept together. As a guard, however, is often seen in many places.

Temperament: Brave, violent

Height: 23-30 inches

Weight: 99-170 lbs

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Rottweiler dog

Dogs of the Rottweiler breed range in size from medium to large. They are a great breed of dog as a playmate. This breed is very loyal to the owner. No matter what, they are always ready to protect the owner.

Their use began with the guarding of cattle. Their job was to pull goods from the market and protect the shop from thieves. Over time, they began to be used in private institutions and in the defense forces. Their reputation as rescue workers is the most.

Temperament: Devoted, faithful, affectionate

Height: Male 24-27 inches, female 22-25 inches

Weight: males 95-135 lbs, females 80-100 lbs

Lifespan: 9-10 years

Saint Bernard Dog

This dog, one of the strongest in the world, has a good reputation as a guard everywhere. The use of this handsome dog in the tourist spot is quite significant. Companions like these are very rare when it comes to helping lost tourists or injured tourists.

Due to their special ability to pull weights, they are regularly seen in ‘weight pooling’ competitions. Even weight lifting tasks can be done effortlessly with them.

It takes a long time for this relatively quiet dog to grow up. For a long time they have childish behavior. They prefer to be with people. They can’t stand the heat at all. Dogs of this breed easily get sick in hot areas.

Temperament: Childish, curious, calm

Height: Males 28-30 inches, females 26-28 inches

Weight: Males 140-180 lbs, females 120-140 lbs

Lifespan: 8-10 years

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish dog is also known as the tallest dog in the world. It would not be wrong to call this very powerful dog a speed monster. This muscular dog comes in different colors, such as white, gray, black, etc. Many sources say that they have been used in many wars in history. They are also kept in the defense forces of different countries.

However, in addition to their violent nature, they also have a soft nature. They are able to adapt to different environments. They are also kept in many homes. You can even leave it with the cat. However, proper training is required in this case. If it is a flat house, it is impossible to keep them. Open space is required where proper training is possible with at least 40 minutes of daily exercise.

Temperament: Brave, strong, calm

Height: Males minimum 32 inches, females minimum 30 inches

Weight: 120 pounds for males and 105 pounds for females

Lifespan: 6-8 years

Rhodesian ridgeback

The fur of this powerful breed of dog grows along the hindquarters in a striped manner. This is a unique feature of this breed of dog. They are very good at determining the exact position of any other animal. These dogs are used to find other animals in the middle of the forest.

But nowadays they are also kept at home. But in that case the owner has to take special care. The demand for this dog is also special as a hardworking and quite athletic type. They are a little wild in nature, so you have to train from an early age. This dog breed can do anything to save their loved ones. Even they are also very good as guards. They can attack if they see a stranger in the house. They are also called ‘Lion Dogs’ and ‘African Lion Hounds’.

Temperament: Affectionate, naturally calm

Height: Male 25-27 inches, female 24-26 inches

Weight: Males 85 pounds, females 80 pounds

Lifespan: 10-12 years.

Siberian Husky

This medium sized thick furry variety can work continuously for a long time. They feel more comfortable working in groups. From the name it is understood that they are found in the main winter regions. They are also quite capable of pulling weights. So they are used for pulling cars or pulling goods. Their behavior is also quite friendly. This blue-eyed animal also prefers physical exercise. They can jump up to a maximum of about 180 cm.

The surface of their fur is water resistant and can cover the face while lying down with a long tail. As a result, they are easily protected from the severe winter in Siberia.

Nature: Faithful and can be made to work outside, of evil nature.

Height: Male 21-23.5 inches, female 20-22 inches

Weight: Male 45-60 pounds, female 35-50 pounds

Lifespan: 12-14 years.

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