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Best places to visit Sri Lanka- You can visit Sri Lanka with the assistance of travel agencies. There is no alternative to visit Colombo if you want to get the traditional tradition and modernization of Sri Lanka. Here is traditional stagnation, as well as modern brightness. It is here to see, one of Colombo’s Buddhist Kailanias, King Maha Vihara, has been selected by King Maha Vihara. Month of January every year, religious programs here are held in Perahera.

Sri Lanka travel places

The Galle Face Green is one of the most notable beauties in Colombo. Apart from blue sea and sea waves, there are also various water sports arrangements. Now even though the area that has become a functional center, the application of the Portuguese and Dutch period of Fort Port did not fall even once. It is possible to see a lot of sights in this area with little difficulty. Located 12 km from Colombo, the name of the beach is Mount Lavinia. The Governor House built in 1805 is located here which has now become a hotel in Mount Lavinia.

Name of a famous zoo known for the Elephant show, dehiwala zoo. Anuradhapura is one of the oldest cities of Sri Lanka. UNESCO declared this area as World Heritage Site, 206 km from Colombo. Here you can see the 13-meter high granite stone made Buddha statue Aukana Buddha. Here you will see the temple of Isurumuniya built in the third century.

Anuradhapura’s special attraction

Best places to visit Sri Lanka- Carving named ‘Loves’, inspired by the story of King Dutugemunu‘s son Saliya and her lover’s story. Anuradhapura’s special attraction is its monastery and stacks. Abhayagiri is the largest monastery complex here. There is also to see here, the temple of Mihintale, the monastery of Jethwa, and “Yanvarne Seia. Adam’s Peak is located in the Sripada province on the west of Sri Lanka. Kandy is called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. This city is located 115km from Colombo. To stay, from the luxurious hotel to the huge budget hotel all you can find in Sri Lanka. Callaway Hotel, Palm Village Hotel or Taj Hotel can stay. Besides, home stays can be done locally.

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