Sub Saharan African countries

Sub Saharan African countries- As many neglected countries in Africa- Africa is known as the poorest continent in the world. Where the poor outnumber the rich. Although Africa has vast mineral resources underground, it has a strong workforce. Even then, Africa is still in the top 10 poorest countries in the world. There is enough history behind it. Involved are communalism, riots, political instability, corruption and terrorism. Today, Africa is plagued by natural disasters, civil wars, refugee crises, economic woes, and terrorism.

Africa is a diverse continent. Different languages ​​of different nations, Many rural lives in Africa have remained the same for centuries. There has been no change. However, many cities have a touch of modernity. There are a total of 54 countries in Africa.

There was nothing to say about the unity of the citizens of the countries in terms of history and culture. Violent wars somewhere, or slow reforms somewhere, the communication and transportation systems of many countries on the African continent are still underdeveloped.

Ordinary people in many countries are still fighting against poverty and hunger. Added to this is terrorism and political instability. Political instability and terrorism in various African countries have blocked the progress of countries where they are committed to overcoming poverty and hunger.

Although the developed countries have taken various steps to deal with the overall situation to get rid of such a situation, many countries have not seen the face of success.

Child of Africa

Rebels in African countries

Rebels are still attacking the battlefield in many countries. People have left their homes and taken refuge in refugee camps. They are spending their days with starving. Children are dying of malaria and diarrhea. No drinking water. Many do not have a canopy over their heads. It gets wet in the rain overnight.

A completely unstable environment has been created. Food and health care are so limited that it is not accessible to many people. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has produced such a heartbreaking report. They are blaming the insurgency and the existing conflict for this. “The conflict in the Central African Republic is one of the most neglected refugee crises in the world,” the journal added.

That is the demand of this international organization. The humanitarian aid agency recently released an annual index of the refugee crisis. The Norwegian-based agency said in its observation that people here are being forced to leave their homes. But the world community is not listening to it. There is no surveillance. On the one hand, it is pushing away the hope of peace; on the other hand, it is creating the risk that the conflict will spread further.

Newly released NRC index

The newly released NRC index is followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and Somalia, followed by the Central African Republic. At least hundred thousand people have become refugees. The NRC’s investigation found that the countries at the top of the list were not receiving adequate humanitarian assistance due to lack of adequate funding and adequate media attention.

There is also a lack of political will to resolve this crisis. “The international community has not only forgotten this problem, but has never shown enough interest in solving it,” said Jan Egeland, the agency’s secretary general.

Necessary financial assistance must be provided to overcome the humanitarian crisis. Richard Schreiber, a senior adviser to the NRC, said: “If conflicts like the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo continue, it will help more people join militia groups. The biggest crisis is in the countries that are included in the index for solving the problem of refugees.

UN agencies declared famine in parts of South Sudan

On the other hand, three UN agencies – UNICEF, the World Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization – have officially declared famine in parts of South Sudan.

The agency also said that children in Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan were suffering from severe malnutrition. On the other hand, many women in Africa are crushed by illiteracy, superstition and religious orthodoxy. There are many places in Africa where primitive lawlessness is still prevalent. The victims are now women.

The United Nations says one woman or child is raped every 28 seconds in South Africa.

Africa is an unstable continent

Political instability is going on in many countries of Africa. Somewhere that instability has led to war, civil war. Elsewhere, the rise of political instability and militancy has destabilized various African states. These states have lost their own culture and traditions in the clutches of militancy.


Al-Shabaab is fighting to establish an Islamic state in Somalia. They are attacking neighboring countries. The Somali government, backed by UN and African Union troops, has been able to contain al-Shabab. However, a large part of the southern part of the country is still occupied by militants. In addition, there is a heated debate between the political parties in the country.

Central African Republic

The country is not united between Christians and Muslims. Millions of people in the Central African Republic (CAR) are now living at constant risk of death. Already five percent of the total population has fled the country. Although Human Rights watch demands more.


Extremist Islamist are trying to seize power in Mali. In 2012, a large part of the northern part of the country fell to them. As a result, France came to the aid of the Mali government in the war. Then the extremist Islamist were forced to retreat. UN peacekeepers are currently in charge of maintaining peace in Mali. Yet news of various militant and suicide attacks in the country is occasionally heard.


Extremist Islamist militant group Boko Haram wants to establish Sharia law in Nigeria. To achieve its goal, the group continues to attack Christians and moderate Muslims in the country.


Unrest has been raging in Libya for decades. Libya is now a failed state, overcoming civil war and conflict with NATO. But Libya already has problems with local, regional, tribal, Islamist and various terrorist groups. After the fall of Gaddafi, bad situation was created in Libya. The southern part of the country is now a haven for terrorists.


For the past 10 years, various African groups living in the Darfur region have been fighting government forces and their followers. Millions of people have already lost their lives in the war, and many have fled their homes.

South Sudan

Civil war has been raging in South Sudan since 2013. Troops on the side of the country’s vice-president are continuing to fight against the presidential force. South Sudanese forces are also involved in the ongoing movement for autonomy in two neighboring Sudanese states.


The war that began in 1990 is not over yet. In Kivu, the army regularly fights M-23 rebel groups. However, at the end of 2013, the government declared that it was capable of suppressing the rebels. In reality the rebels are still active.

In addition, civilians are being targeted in Ethiopia, Burundi, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria.

The center of crime


South Africa is considered the capital of rape. Rape has become an epidemic not only in South Africa, but across the African continent. Adult women and even tender-hearted children are not exempt from this sexual harassment. Conflict, violent rape, and sexual harassment are used as weapons in war-torn Africa. According to African Sexual Violence, at least 100,000 rapes occur each year.

There are also cases of child rape in Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Morocco, Central Africa, and East Africa. In South Africa alone, a survey of 4,000 women found that one in three were sexually abused in various ways. A survey by the Medical Research Council (MRC) found that 25 percent of men in South Africa are involved in rape at least once in their lives. “Internally displaced people in Somalia are being sexually abused,” Human Rights Watch said. Sudan, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Liberia are also on the list of 20 rapes in the world.

Child fighters in Somalia!

Somalia is a country of pirates. The fight is not only against poverty and hunger, but also against terrorism and political instability. The country has the highest infant mortality rate. There are hateful allegations of using firearms with children and sending children to war. Which is completely controlled by the terrible militant group Al Shabaab.


That is why the world media is moving. At the age when they are supposed to study and play with toys, they are given lethal weapons. Sent to combat training. In just a few years, the terrorist group Al Shabaab has risen and turned Somalia into rubble. Thus the country is plagued by drought, famine; The infernal attack of the militant group on him has created a civil war in the country. Shabab militants are using children as tools in the anti-government war. A child warrior who escaped from their clutches said he went to war with 100 classmates. Everyone dies. They are accused of training militants after the abduction. “The abducted children are being held captive and later sent to combat training camps,” said African Human Rights Watch.

Horrible torture of women

Many countries on the African continent still believe in superstitions and diverse customs. Many genres are so horrible that even the imagination is defeated. For example, there is a strange custom in Africa. Circumcision of girls. More than 200 million women have been circumcised. According to the ancient custom, women are circumcised in a very risky way. Sometimes the girls die due to excessive bleeding.

This method is used in many countries in West Africa, including Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone. People in Ivory Coast think that circumcising a woman protects her chastity. Here female circumcision is considered as a symbol of social respect and attainment of full youth. Meanwhile, in South Sudan, Kenya, Mali, Ivory Coast, it is also considered a religious ritual. Girls from several communities in Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa have had their breasts ironed. During adolescence, stones and hammers are placed on the girl’s breast with a hammer. This destroys the breast tissues. They believe that if the breasts of girls do not increase, then rape will decrease in the country.

At the top of poverty

African countries- The continent of Africa is called the abode of mineral resources. There are gold and diamond mines in Africa. In addition, there are huge natural and forest resources. Due to proper supervision and corruption, all the top ten poor countries belong to the African continent. The number one Central African Republic has a per capita income of only $656. The remaining countries in the top ten are Congo, Burundi, Liberia, Niger, Malawi, Mozambique, Guinea, Eritrea and Madagascar.

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