New coronavirus found: 10 times more dangerous

World Health Organization (WHO) experts have recently expressed concern about the rapid change in the character of coronavirus. According to WHO experts, this rapid change in the character of the virus will have an effect on the effectiveness of corona vaccine.

However, according to Dr. Fahim Yunus, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Maryland in the United States, there is no reason to be afraid of this.  He said, new strain of covid-19 has been named D614G by Malaysian scientists. This virus has been circulating in other parts of the world for the past few months. This D614G virus is 10 times more contagious and dangerous than all the coronavirus of the past.

New coronavirus news10 times more dangerous and contagious than before

It is known that covid-19 has recently infected 45 people in contact with the owner of an Indian restaurant there. Of these 45, 3 were found to have a new coronavirus. Malaysia’s health chief Noor Hisham Abdullah said, “If the character of the covid-19 continues to change in this way, it will affect the discovery of its vaccine.’’ As a result, doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of the vaccine. The Malaysian health chief wrote in his Facebook post, “Ordinary people need to be more careful now. Otherwise all the fight against the virus will fail.’’

New coronavirus strains found in Malaysia

Scientists analyze about new coronavirus character

Scientists have recently stepped up surveillance of the covid-19. In fact, as time goes on, the coronavirus is becoming more and more dangerous. Scientists have expressed their concern about the reason for this transformation of the corona.

A team of researchers at King’s College London recently analyzed data from patients and found the presence of six types of coronavirus.  The researchers claim that the symptoms of six types of coronavirus are also very different. That is why the discovery of the vaccine is causing new complications. At first, scientists thought that the discovery of the vaccine would be successful in a short time. But they now feel that the situation could gradually escalate. However, some of them are advising people to prevent coronavirus rather than cure it.

The message of hope is that despite so much trouble, scientists are forbidding to panic. However, recent vaccine may soon be available worldwide and the world will be corona free.

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